People Think There’s Something ‘Third Reich’ About Trump’s New Cards For Supporters

Donald Trump offers his supporters the opportunity to prove their devotion to him by wearing cards in honor of the once-twice-accused former president.
And critics think the designs are something familiar.
In a fundraising email sent on Wednesday, Trump's Save America PAC asked Trump's fans to pick their favorite of four:
"We are in the process of releasing our official Trump cards, reserved for President Trump's strongest supporters, and we have some very exciting news to share with you," the email read.
Trump claimed the cards were "BEAUTIFUL" and he wanted the Americans to decide which they would prefer because "they ALWAYS know best!"
It is not clear what card carriers are entitled to.
But people who clicked the picture of the cards were taken to a donation page and asked to donate at least $ 50 to the Political Action Committee.
Twitter users had thoughts:
(Do you want)
Trump cards or a vaccination certificate?
- "We don't want a Fauci-Ouchi"

- leave your brain at the door
-? - (((Freddy Atton))) -? (@freddyatton) August 5, 2021
Did Nazi come this?

Trump Cards # TrumpCards # TheLoser # Trump2024 # TrumpCrimeSyndicatehttps: //
- Tomi Ahonen "Misplaced" whiskey, which costs $ 5,800 (@tomiahonen) August 5, 2021
Oh yeah! That's an American Nazi icon right there. Impressive. Did he say "give me something that only screams Third Reich"?
- Is it worse than ... (@ IsItWorseThn311) August 5, 2021
Vaccination cards = literal communism

Trump cards = normal and healthy
- Gavin? (@coIdPlZZA) August 5, 2021
These "trump cards" look like something they would spend in a VIP champagne room of a certain type of club.
- The infamous ROY G BIV (@ robwoodyard1) August 5, 2021
This article originally appeared on HuffPost and has been updated.
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