People who attended Trump's rallies now in hospital with Covid-19 as he plans more events nationwide

At least two people were hospitalized with Covid-19 after attending the president's rally last month. However, officials said it remained unclear where they got infected with the novel virus. (Charlie Leight / Getty Images)
At least one person who attended Donald Trump's rally in Minnesota last month is in intensive care after contracting the novel coronavirus as officials warned the president not to hold any more in-person events he was planning despite having Covid-19 had signed.
Minnesota health officials said nine people who attended the rally have since contracted the disease, which is responsible for more than 210,000 deaths in the United States this year. They couldn't definitely determine the personal event as the location where the nine people became infected.
A Minnesota Health Department spokesman said officials could only confirm in an email to "that they attended the rally when they were likely exposed to the virus that made them sick (i.e. 14 days before the illness started." ) "Politico.
Another person also stayed in the hospital whose Covid-19 infection was linked to the rally, according to MPRNews. Meanwhile, the infection rate in Minnesota rose after the president's rally and large gatherings in the area, fueled in part by Labor Day weekend and college meetups, the local news agency reported.
It remained unclear whether attendees at the president's rally were infected during the event, although the president's personal demonstrations were often criticized by medical experts and health professionals.
Herman Cain, a former 2012 Republican presidential candidate and replacement for the president who attended his rally in Tulsa in June, was hospitalized less than two weeks after the event with a severe case of the novel virus. Mr. Cain later died of complications from Covid-19.
It was also unclear where or how he got infected with the virus, according to a statement posted on his Twitter account when he was hospitalized.
Mr Trump returned to the White House this week from Walter Reed Medical Center, where he was flown after testing positive for the virus and suffering from symptoms. Though he likely still had an active case of Covid-19, he planned to host a major event at the White House on Saturday where officials said he would greet attendees from his balcony.
The president invited an estimated 2,000 people to the White House for the weekend event, at a time when doctors said he was likely still contagious - and Mr Trump himself apparently couldn't give a clear answer to his own diagnosis.
Mr Trump told Fox News' medical analyst Dr. Marc Siegel on Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight: “I haven't even figured out numbers, but I've been retested and I know I'm either down on the scale or free. "
“They test every couple of days I think,” he added. "But now it's really at a level that was great - great to see it go away."
Questions remain about the president's health and at the time he first tested positive for the novel coronavirus. Major news outlets reported that the president caught the virus last week, forcing the White House to confirm its diagnosis during a week the president attended the initial debates and later traveled to several states for fundraising drives.
Mr Trump is pushing his plans for big rallies in the coming days, saying on Thursday evening, “I think I'll try to hold a rally on Saturday night if we can, when we have enough time to put it together ... But we want a rally doing in Florida, probably Saturday night in Florida. Maybe we'll come back and do one in Pennsylvania the next night. "
The White House Doctor, Dr. Sean Conley, has cleared the president for return to public engagements starting Saturday.
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