People Who've Been Homeless Are Sharing The Unwritten Rules They Followed To Survive, And It's A Must-Read

People affected by homelessness face countless obstacles just to get their basic needs met. Everyday necessities like food, hygiene and sleep become much more complicated without housing.
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Well, a viral Reddit thread from user u/hayz00s once asked homeless people to share the unwritten rules they had to follow to get by. Your responses were insightful, heartbreaking, and an important reminder to help those who don't have a home in your city.
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So here are 27 unwritten rules of homelessness, according to people who actually lived it:
1. "While dumpster diving, if you find a pair of shoes or clothes that aren't your size, leave them neatly next to the dumpster for the next diver."
2. "Don't beg at someone's corner when they're already there."
3. "Find a group of people you can trust (not easy) and stick with them."
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4. “Share what you have with your group.
5. "Take care of each other and be good to each other. We're all struggling, so let's make it the best we can for each other. When I was homeless, we would pay each other for food, clothes and other necessities when one was really in need.”
6. "The big thing I remember is that you always take your shoes off when you sleep. And when you sleep outside, you sleep on your bag and put your shoes underneath. Sometimes my bag was way too full to take off that comfy but people would take your shoes. Just to fuck with you.
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7. "Sleep in your sleeping bag with your valuables at your feet. If you don't have a sleeping bag, put it in your backpack and use your backpack as a pillow if possible, with one arm through a strap."
8. "Sleep with your phone next to your balls so someone who tries to rob you while you sleep can't find your phone."
9. "If you find a boyfriend, make sure someone watches while you sleep."
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10. "Respect your elders aka don't fuck with the old timers."
11. "If you're trying to run away from good parents and you're underage, we'll make sure the police find you. The child was 15 and after speaking to his friends we heard no reason for his escape (fear of youth). Arranged for the police to take him home and left my cell phone number in case he ran away again."
12. "Try to keep your socks clean.
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13. "On a rainy/snowy night, a trespassing ticket is better than being found dead in the morning."
14. "Even if you're not religious, if a religious family offers you a place to stay (sometimes "if you go to church with us," but not always), don't refuse."
15. "Just because I was homeless didn't mean I didn't have two jobs. I worked about 56 hours a week at a gas station between two shops and then did the usual morning sales papers on the street."
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16. "No one is filing a complaint or calling the police. When you get into a fight with someone, that's all he said, she said bullshit. Everyone accepts it, and conflicts resolve themselves. Every night with them in this shelter, you share the same public spaces that every homeless person must have. You have no choice. Keep it to yourself, don't talk, don't fuck with anyone else or you'll be screwed."
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