Person Struck by Car, Firearm Pulled During Altercation Amid Louisville Protest

One person was hit by a car and a gun was aimed at the driver in downtown Louisville, Kentucky, on June 17, when demonstrators held a demonstration against racism in Jefferson Square, police said.
The Louisville Subway Police Department said in a statement that "demonstrators were in contact with a car on Liberty [Street] when the car drove off a protester and then demonstrators chased the car down the street, one protester one Gun pulled at the driver. ”
The surveillance video released by the police shows one person being hit by the car when accelerating and another person chasing the car and pointing a hand object at the window on the driver's side. The police said they are still looking for the driver. It is not known how the clash between the driver and demonstrators started.
Local media also reported that police fired pepper bullets at protesters around Jefferson Square Park during the demonstration, while the Louisville Subway Police Department called 17 people on charges, including "riot, disorderly behavior, and assault". Photo credit: Louisville Metro Police Department via Storyful

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