Pet Otters Get Very Confused By Owner’s Popcorn Machine

How do you think an otter would react to a popcorn machine? To be completely honest, I never asked myself that question much (aka "any"). But now I'm glad to know the answer. Because this video of two adorable otters confused by their owner's popcorn machine is a yummy slice of adorable internet stupidity.
YouTube channel Kotsumet shared the reactions of their pet otters Kotaro and Hana when they first saw a popcorn maker at work. The wonderful video (which we first saw on Laughing Squid) shows that the couple were initially intrigued by the device. They came closer and examined the inside. The two also seemed fascinated by the hot air blowing from the top. Along with the smell emanating from the buttery kernels ready to burst inside. (Same, Kotaro and Hana. EQUAL.)
Unfortunately the popcorn that came out on top was too scary for the otters. They ran away and hid. While we were feeling bad, the machine scared her, but we really enjoyed seeing her flee under the couch together. These otters really can fly. And they know that security is in numbers.
Two otters stand on a table and smell a popcorn machine that is being held by a person
When they finally found the courage to snack on popcorn for the first time, they weren't impressed. You have to give preference to Sno-Caps and Goobers when going to the movies.
Or they are just waiting for a delicious seafood feast. Last year Kotaro and Hana entertained us with a gourmet breakfast. It wasn't nearly as mysterious how an otter would react to high quality seafood. But the end result was exactly the same as her opinion on popcorn: watching cute little otters do everything is a perfect way to satisfy our desire for wonderful World Wide Web content.
Pet Otters Get Very Confused By Owner’s Popcorn Machine first appeared on Nerdist.

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