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He's the cat that stole Christmas.
Cats love nothing more than Christmas decorations and they are so happy we went to all this trouble just to decorate for them!
The TikTok account @OllieOllieoxenfree posted this amazing video of her trying to cat-proof her Christmas tree and well, you have to see how well it worked.
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Well, attaching it to the ceiling just made it a Cat-Ac-Ro-Batic (See What We Did There?) device to swing. That's helpful.
@LauraV hilariously posts, "All you managed to do was make the Christmas tree more enticing..." Angeline RodriguezCruz just gave up on all that, commenting, "I love it when cat parents try to figure that out, I just buy one every year a new thrift tree and I kind of gave up." @Sinfluencer says, "That cat really only made a cat." LOL Cats gotta have cats. He totally came in like a wrecking ball
One option is to create a separate tree just for the cat, but we all know once we've done that our cats would have zero interest. It's only great when it's forbidden!
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