Pete Buttigieg Shut Down the "Late-Term Abortion" Debate Once and For All

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A statement by former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg on "late abortion" is taking off on social media. Part of a transcript tweeted on Oct. 11 came from a Fox News Town Hall event in May 2019 hosted by Chris Wallace. He asked the then Democratic presidential candidate whether "a woman's right to have an abortion should be restricted," no matter the stage of pregnancy.
"I think the dialogue has focused so much on where you draw the line that we have moved away from the fundamental question of who can draw the line, and I trust women to draw the line when it comes to theirs own health is about, "replied Buttigieg.
He then fired back on Wallace, pointing out that 6,000 women receive third trimester abortions annually - those 6,000 women represent "less than 1 percent of the cases," Buttigieg said.
"Let's put ourselves in the shoes of a woman in this situation," said Buttigieg. "When it is this late in your pregnancy, almost by definition, you expected to finish it ... [families then] are getting the most devastating medical news of their lives, about health or mother's life or viability the pregnancy that forces her to make an impossible, unthinkable decision. "
He continued, "And the end result is as terrible as this choice ... this decision will not be made medically or morally better because the government is dictating how this decision is to be made."
The tweet of the transcript has received over 220,000 likes and 45,000 retweets to date, October 12th.
That back-and-forth between Buttigieg and Wallace is especially poignant today as President Trump's Supreme Court candidate Amy Coney Barrett, a staunch critic of abortion, is currently attending the first day of her confirmation hearing. The fear among abortion defenders is that, if confirmed, Coney Barrett will cast the casting vote to defend Roe v. Overturning calf.
In February 2019, President Trump falsely claimed that subsequent postpartum abortions could be performed and could serve as the "execution" of an unwanted child. In reality, "late abortion" is a term invented by anti-abortion extremists that has no medical value. Dr. Barbara Levy, vice president of public health at the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, told CNN in February 2019, "In science and medicine, it is important to use language accurately. In pregnancy," being late "means being 41 weeks or after Due date of a patient. Abortions do not occur during this period, so the term is contradicting itself. "
Levy also noted that abortions later in pregnancy are typically done either because of "fatal fetal abnormalities or due to maternal health threats," and the decision to abort is devastating but ultimately can save a life.
As Buttigieg's remarks about abortion go viral, many with big platforms are taking a moment to share his mind and reminding those on the fence that we women should "trust" when it comes to abortion, regardless of stage pregnancy.
Buttigieg has endorsed Democratic candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden and Biden's runner-up Kamala Harris. And with the right to abortion at the helm of this upcoming presidential election, Buttigieg and his supporters hope voters will make the right decision by voting to the left.
Abortion is never easy to contemplate, and contrary to what anti-abortion extremists may tell you, it is not viewed lightly by anyone. As Buttigieg said, we need to trust women to make the right decision because, ultimately, it should just be their choice.

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