Pete Carroll received a call today from a team interested in Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick remains a free agent. Since he came onto the market in spring 2017, he has not signed anywhere.
But it seems that something has changed in the NFL in the past three weeks.
Will Kaepernick get a chance now?
Seahawk's coach Pete Carroll, whose team is the only one Kaepernick has ever visited since the quarterback separated from the 49ers, said a team called him on Thursday to ask about Kaepernick. Carroll said he had never received a call from another team regarding Kaepernick.
He wouldn't call the team.
"So I know someone is interested and we'll see what happens to it," Carroll said in a conference call. “I found the irony crazy because I knew I would come to this press conference and you wanted to ask me a million questions about it. I received a call for the first time today. "
Kaepernick visited the Seahawks in 2017 and the Seahawks organized a training session with Kaepernick in 2018 before they canceled it.
"Kaep called me out of the blue in the [2016] season before this off-season to ask me for advice on where he would go next," said Carroll. "I was flattered that he would even think of calling me because we had never spoken before, except just greetings, and from that point on I was kind of looking for him and hoped things would work out. And so I forgot about it. When it came back and we had a chance to visit him and it came, I thought this was an incredible soccer player. Let’s find out if it’s a football match, and so on. And then, because he wasn't anywhere, that might help him and open doors for us if our thing didn't work. We had great meetings. I don't know I've ever explained it in such detail, but we spent half a day together. He spent time with our people all over the building and he was great. He only supported more of what we saw in the character and in his intelligence, in his togetherness and competitiveness to the point where it was so obvious that he was a starter in the NFL.
"He was a dominant figure as a football player and that's how we saw him. The fact that it didn't work out, I thought he would start somewhere and it just didn't happen. The rest of this story is one that I did Unfortunately, it didn't happen in any way. I wish we could have contributed because he deserved to play again. I was thinking back then and right now in our situation as backup, man, I didn't feel like it was at that time was right, so I had to make this football decision. It was about our team and the situation. We had our starting quarterback and all that and it would not be the open competitive situation that I would like to believe that all of our seats are because of Russell is such a dominant figure and all that is what happened ... when you look back I felt like we missed the opportunity and I wish we could have figured that out I know what we know now, I wish we had given him the chance because I would love to see him play all these years. "
Carroll did not close the Kaepernick door now, but added the Seahawks as their current quarterback situation with Geno Smith as Russell Wilson's backup.
Pete Carroll received a call today from a team interested in Colin Kaepernick who originally appeared on Pro Football Talk
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