Phoenix police release edited bodycam footage showing officer shooting man with machete

The Phoenix Police Department on Friday released edited bodycam footage relating to a May Day police shooting.
Sergeant Andy Williams, a department spokesman, reports on the "Critical Incident Briefing" and says an officer was at a gas station near 19th Avenue and Southern Avenue for an unrelated call when a community member called him about a Man brandishing a machete informed.
Williams said the officer saw the man walking south down 19th Avenue on the sidewalk and eventually entered an unpaved parking lot. The officer called in backup and tried to keep the man in the parking lot.
Body camera footage from another officer shows her using her vehicle as a barricade to keep the man in the parking lot. Footage shows the man approaching the officer as she orders him to stand back. The man continues to approach the officer, who then unholsters her pistol and points it at the man as she orders him to drop the machete.
The man appears to yell at the officer in Spanish before driving south on 19th Avenue and eventually onto the street.
Williams said the third officer who arrived armed himself with a "less-lethal stun bag shotgun" and repeatedly ordered the man to drop the machete before shooting the man. Williams said the stun bag rounds had little effect on the man and the officer switched to his pistol and fired several rounds at him.
Footage shows the man collapsing shortly after the shot. Williams said officers were able to move the machete away from the man and administer first aid until the Phoenix Fire Department rushed him to a hospital for treatment. Williams said the man remains hospitalized but will later be taken to jail for aggravated assault on a police officer once his condition improves.
Williams said the officer who shot the man was a two-year veteran assigned to the department and South Mountain County. Williams did not identify the man.
Criminal and regulatory investigations into the shootings have begun, as is usual with police shootings.
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This article originally appeared on Arizona Republic: Phoenix police bodycam footage shows a police officer shooting a man with a machete
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