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A crowd of naked people gathered on Bondi Beach for a cancer awareness photoshoot. Don Arnold/WireImage
Spencer Tunick's latest art installation brought 2,500 naked people to Bondi Beach on Saturday.
The Guardian reported that the photoshoot was aimed at raising awareness of skin cancer.
A nude model told The Guardian the experience was "freezing" but also "empowering".
Two thousand five hundred naked people filled Bondi Beach, one of Australia's most recognizable landmarks, on Saturday morning in behalf of Spencer Tunick's latest art installation.
The photoshoot was intended to raise awareness of skin cancer, with the 2,500-strong crowd representing the number of Australians who die from the disease each year, The Guardian reported.
According to the outlet, Tunick hopes to encourage Australians to get regular skin checks.
"Skin unites us and protects us," he told The Guardian. "I use the amazing variety of body types and skin tones to create my work, so as my medium is the nude human form, it feels entirely appropriate to be a part of this effort."
Naked people lie on the ground on Bondi Beach for the cancer awareness photo shoot. Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images
The artist used a megaphone to brief the crowd during the shoot, according to The Guardian. "Stretch your arms out when you pose," he shouted. "Don't get naked yet."
Tunick had the group pose in various configurations before some took a morning dip in the sea, The Print added.
Nudity is usually prohibited on the beach, but special laws have been enacted to allow for the photo shoot. According to The Guardian, participants had to be fully clothed by 10am to avoid a fine.
A group of people stood naked on Bondi Beach for the cancer awareness photo shoot. Don Arnold/WireImage
Tamera Francis wrote of her participation in filming The Sydney Morning Herald: "If I can be a part of something that prevents unnecessary deaths, then I will. Even if that means freezing my little tatas and dealing with the logistical nightmare of herding thousands of decaf naked people," she wrote.
"If I could have prevented my father and grandmother's fatal cancer diagnosis with something as simple as a skin check or wearing sunscreen every day, I would have done it," she added.
Another nude model, Sarah Bowen, told the Guardian that her sister and father survived melanoma.
Speaking of her experience shooting nude, she said: "It was freezing but also heartening to be around so many people supporting the cause and also just being so naked and seeing so many different people and shapes and sizes see. Everyone just feels comfortable naked. It was wonderful."
The crowd of naked people gathered on Bondi Beach for Tunik's cancer awareness photoshoot. Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images
Tunick is no stranger to a nude photoshoot. Back in 2010, he gathered 5,000 naked Australians outside the Sydney Opera House to celebrate Sydney's Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, Reuters previously reported.
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