Photos show Hurricane Delta's aftermath as Louisiana suffers back-to-back storms

Photos show a path of destruction in hurricane-ridden Louisiana after Delta landed as a Category 2 storm Friday night.
Hundreds of thousands remain without electricity in a state that was hit by the devastation of Hurricane Laura in late August, which killed at least 26 people.
While it quickly weakened on landing, Delta continued to damage an already severely affected area - particularly in cities like Lake Charles, Louisiana, where repairs to Laura were still incomplete.
The Latest on Delta: Lake Charles reports "disruptive" damage that is undoing Laura's recovery efforts
The photos below show the aftermath of Hurricane Delta - battered wires, broken windows, and intense flooding after it hit cities and towns across southern Louisiana.
Arborist Michael McDonald clears trees that fell on homes Saturday after Hurricane Delta landed in Louisiana.
The view from a Coast Guard aircraft during an overflight near Lake Charles, Louisiana, on Saturday. Coast Guard crews conducted flights to the Hurricane Delta to assess damage and identify hazards.
Damage in nearby Lake Charles, Louisiana, after the Hurricane Delta on Saturday.
Flood surrounds buildings in Delcambre, Louisiana on Saturday.
Damage seen near Lake Charles, Louisiana, on Saturday.
Louisiana National Guard employees drive through flooded streets in Alexandria, Louisiana on Saturday.
John Joseph (left) and Danny Ellis are walking 13th Street along Willow Glen Road in Alexandria, Louisiana on Saturday.
Flooded streets in Delcambre, Louisiana on Saturday morning after the Hurricane Delta hit southwest Louisiana. October 10, 2020
Marialisa Wyatt is investigating the damage her home sustained during the Hurricane Delta just six weeks after it was struck by Laura in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Saturday. October 10, 2020
A metal roof is being peeled off a house in New Iberia, Louisiana on Saturday morning. October 10, 2020
Minor damage in Crowley, Louisiana, on Saturday, October 10, 2020, after the hurricane delta hit the area.
Len Moneaux poles his boat along a flooded road as he searches for neighbors in Delcambre, Louisiana on Saturday morning, October 10, 2020, after the Hurricane Delta hit the Louisiana coast overnight.
Stephen Chark, right, helps Carrie Smith as she leaves her home on 14th Street on Willow Glen Road in Alexandria, Louisiana. Saturday, October 10, 2020. The hurricane delta caused heavy rainfall in the area that flooded most of the streets and houses off Willow Glen.
A gas station damaged by Hurricane Delta in Abbeville, Louisiana, Saturday, October 10, 2020.
This article originally appeared in the US TODAY: Hurricane Delta Damage: Photos show the aftermath in Louisiana

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