Photos show large, maskless crowds filling Disneyland for the first time in over a year

People without face masks are waiting to enter Disneyland on Tuesday. Christy Foster
Disneyland in Anaheim, California is now increasing capacity and welcoming visitors from other states.
Photos taken in the park on Tuesday show crowds waiting to enter, smiling park goers on rides, and more.
Fully vaccinated visitors did not have to wear masks or social distancing.
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Tuesday marks the first day Disneyland has allowed visitors from other states to visit since the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020.
People pose at Disneyland before the theme park ended its mask requirement. Richard Harbaugh / Disneyland Resort
Source: Insider
Christy Foster, of Sacramento, California, photographed some of the queues that formed Tuesday morning to enter the theme park. She told Insider that the "big crowds" reminded her of Disneyland "at Christmas time".
People without face masks are waiting to enter Disneyland on Tuesday. Christy Foster
Many of those who visited Disneyland on Tuesday went without masks as the theme park no longer requires face coverings anywhere in the theme park.
Crowds gather around the Disneyland theme park on Tuesday morning. Christy Foster
Source: Insider
One of those park visitors was Dakota Arbolado. He posed with his mask on at the start of his trip, but told Insider that he chose not to wear one afterwards because he is fully vaccinated and believes Disneyland is "doing its part to keep the parks hygienic and clean" .
Dakota Arbolado on Tuesday before entering Disneyland. Dakota Arbolado
Foster, on the other hand, noted that it was "a little scary" to walk into the theme park today, but also said that she's also convinced of the safety precautions Disneyland has put in place.
Disney fans walk through the Anaheim, California theme park on Tuesday. Rebecca Ohanian
Los Angeles-based Rebecca Ohanian, who was visiting Disneyland with her family on Tuesday, told Insider she also chose to go without her mask because she was vaccinated. "My children are also without masks. We are not in there long anyway," she said.
Rebecca Ohanian on Tuesday at Disneyland. Rebecca Ohanian
When visitors were let into the theme park on Tuesday, many of the crowds dispersed early in the morning.
An empty section of Disneyland on Tuesday morning. Christy Foster
Ohanian told insiders that Tuesday lines were "short" and had "almost no waiting time". She was able to ride the Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, and order some fritters at the start of her visit.
Rebecca Ohanian and her family will take the train to Disneyland on Tuesday. Rebecca Ohanian
Foster also noticed short lines on rides like Splash Mountain, where park goers took off their masks. However, Disney employees continued to wear them.
A masked Disneyland employee speaks to park visitors on Splash Mountain. Christy Foster
After riding the water slide, Foster pointed out that the crowds were still thin - even without social distancing measures.
Disneyland has lifted its social distancing measures on its theme park. Christy Foster
The Disney fans, who spoke to Insider on Tuesday, said they expected the crowds to increase as the day progressed. Still, everyone agreed that Disneyland opened with a smooth start.
People eat in a shady area of ​​Disneyland on Tuesday. Rebecca Ohanian
"It looks pretty busy, but there are no queues yet," said Ohanian. She added that it is her first time in Disneyland since the pandemic started and that it "feels amazing".
Rebecca Ohanian and her family pose in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle on Tuesday. Rebecca Ohanian
"I couldn't wait for normalcy to return," added Foster. "I was very careful during the pandemic, but it's nice to be here. It feels like coming home."
People walk through Disneyland on Tuesday. Rebecca Ohanian
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