Pininfarina Teorema Concept Is a Sleek Vision of an Autonomous Future

Photo credit: Pininfarina
The design office Pininfarina has presented the Teorema concept, a low-lying aerodynamic rocket that sits on an electric skateboard chassis and enables autonomous driving.
The Teorema concept stretches a few inches longer than a Chevrolet Tahoe, but the roof is about eight inches lower than that of the Chevy SUV.
There is space for five passengers in the Teorema, with the driver sitting in a central seating position like in the McLaren F1.
Pininfarina has been particularly busy lately. Following the recent announcement that Pininfarina will develop a 1000 hp electric truck for the Detroit startup Hercules, the traditional Italian design house has unveiled this Teorema concept. Sitting on an electric skateboard chassis with the battery hidden under the floor, the Teorema concept was created for an autonomous future and focuses on maximizing the interior space.
The Teorema was a joint project between the Pininfarina teams in Cambiano, Italy and Shanghai, China, and the vehicle was developed using virtual reality technology. The Teorema is 212.6 inches long - longer than a Chevrolet Tahoe - but measures only 55.1 inches high, about 20 inches lower than the Chevy SUV. Despite its sleek appearance, the Teorema still has a spacious interior as the electric platform allowed Pininfarina to stretch the vehicle's proportions to create a lounge-like space. Pininfarina says passengers enter the Teorema by "just walking in" while the roof rises up and forward, although the company has not provided pictures or videos of this feature.
Photo credit: Pininfarina
Inside, the passengers sit in a pentagonal room. The driver, who can choose whether or not to leave the autonomous mode and drive actively, sits alone in a central seating position at the front, but can turn the seat and the Teorema can take over the driving tasks. Since the Teorema has no doors on the side of the vehicle, passengers can convert the four chairs into bench seats and use the side of the vehicle as a backrest.
Photo credit: Pininfarina
Pininfarina doesn't normally build cars itself, other than the upcoming Battista electric hypercar, so the Teorema likely doesn't stand a chance of reaching production. Instead, it shows Pininfarina's design expertise and provides a preview of how the company will approach design in the electrically autonomous future when partnering with companies like Karma Automotive and VinFast of Vietnam.
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