PlayStation 5: Sony gives first look at the PS5 console and games

Sony has given players a first look at the design of their next console and some of the titles they will be playing.
The PlayStation 5 has a black core surrounded by curved white edges and a blue sheen.
Two follow-ups to the best-selling PS4 releases were among the most outstanding announcements of games - Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Horizon: Forbidden West.
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Sony's machine will hit the market with Microsoft's rival Xbox Series X before the end of the year.
"Although there are still a lot of questions about the PS5, price and release date, Sony did exactly what they needed at this unveiling event," said Laura Kate Dale, a freelance game critic.
"It showed games for an hour, mixed sequels to popular titles, and new franchises from the largest first-party studios for a solid hour.
"People on Twitter are very divided over whether they like or hate the look of the box, but overall Sony spent an hour captivating people."
So many people noticed that the console looked like a "Wi-Fi router" that the term was on Twitter shortly after the event.
Lqvese | Garou gang
So do you get the mini fridge or the WiFi router?
9:21 PM - June 11, 2020
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In total, more than two dozen new games were shown.
Other highlights included a first look at Sony's racing game Gran Turismo 7 and a quick look at Capcom's zombie horror game Resident Evil 8.
During the event it was not always clear which titles were exclusive to PS5 and which were not.
Recorded show
The PlayStation 5 is slated to hit stores later this year, seven years after the PS4.
The new machine not only offers improved graphics, but also has a customized hard drive that can drastically reduce loading times.
Sony is building a library of launch titles that will only be available on the next generation computer. This is in contrast to Microsoft's approach of first releasing new first-party games on both current and next-generation consoles.
Due to the corona virus pandemic, Sony chose to stream a recorded video instead of hosting a live event.
The video was broadcast at a resolution of 1080p, much lower than the PS5.
The PS4 sold Xbox One more than 2: 1 worldwide, although the gap was much narrower in the United States.
Console sales
Before the event on Thursday evening, an industry insider said he was most excited about two things.
"The first is the new controller - the adaptive triggers provide deeper, more meaningful feedback for gameplay," said Robert Karp, development manager at Codemasters, a British developer.
"The other thing is super-fast charging. On PS5, waiting for the action is a thing of the past."
Heroes return
The new Spider-Man game is a sequel to the 2018 action-adventure game based on the Marvel superhero.
But this time the protagonist seems to be the Afro-Latin teenager Miles Morales rather than Peter Parker. The short trailer showed him fighting and web slinging through New York and showed snow and electricity particle effects that would not have been possible in such detail on the PS4.
Hours after the announcement, Sony manager Simon Rutter told the Telegraph that it was not a completely new title, but an "expansion and improvement of the previous game".
"There is an essential Miles Morales component - that is the expansion element - but the game and game engine have also been significantly improved within the game, obviously using some of the key PlayStation 5 technologies and features," he said the newspaper .
However, this was later contested by the developer Insomniac Games, who called the new title "the next adventure" and an "independent game".
Some of the others reveal re-introduced well-known characters.
Aloy is back in the sequel to Horizon: Zero Dawn.
In Forbidden West, the heroine was shown swimming underwater when a robotic crocodile passed above them and fought robotic dinosaurs.
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Assassin Agent 47 returned in Hitman III, IO Interactive's stealth series. However, it is scheduled to go on sale in January 2021 and will therefore not be launched together with the PS5.
Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart was a return to Insomniac Games' cartoon-like action franchise for third parties.
Oddworld: Soulstorm was a surprise and brought back the former slave who became hero Abe in a series that goes back to the original PlayStation.
And Sackboy also returned to create more platform in A Big Adventure, a sequel to the earlier Little Big Planet Games.
Patrick O'Rourke

I am happy that so many family-oriented games are coming to PS5 at the start. Sackboy A great adventure looks like the platform that Sony needs. # PlayStation5
8:26 PM - June 11, 2020
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There was also a first look at new intellectual property, including:
Project Athia with a female protagonist on an extraterrestrial planet who has to survive in a world populated by strange creatures
Deathloop, in which two competing assassins compete against each other in a "time loop" developed by Arkane Lyon, the creators of the Dishonored series
Pragmata, a science fiction adventure, the trailer of which showed a robot girl and a man in a flying suit attacking a spaceship that had reversed gravity and which eventually transported it from planet Earth to the moon. Publication is not planned until 2022
Returnal, a moody space horror game in which an astronaut lands on a world that contains shadowy angel-like creatures and a floating ball
"What I found particularly good was the pressure on new IP," gaming presenter Shay Thompson told the BBC.
"Many of the protagonists featured were women or girls, which is a big deal. That would have been a dream 10 years ago."
However, no virtual reality games were mentioned. No PlayStation 5 version of The Last of Us 2 was mentioned.
Stephen Totilo

@ Stephentotilo
Reality check time. It's fun to watch new games, but keep in mind that not all of them will be available on the first day and not everything you see in a shop window is really exclusive (the GTA V-Port also comes in the X series, for example in RE Village Series X and Steam).
10:18 p.m. - June 11, 2020
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Corona virus challenge
Sony also highlighted new features of the PS5 hardware, including 3D audio and a 4K Blu-ray player. It was also said that the new console would be released in a version without a CD drive.
While the next generation Sony and Microsoft consoles are struggling to sell, both face the challenge of starting at a time when the coronavirus pandemic may not be over.
Although both companies have indicated that production is on track for release in winter 2020, it is unclear how high demand will be.
"Console games have proven resilient to economic downturns as they continue to offer good hourly entertainment value," Piers Harding-Rolls wrote in a research note for Ampere Analysis.
"Nevertheless, the recession and growing unemployment in key sales areas will undermine acceptance - less at the start [but] more clearly after mid-2021."
Analysis: By Marc Cieslak, BBC Click
A confident introduction to Sony's PlayStation 5, where the games speak, with a varied mix of well-known fan favorites and many new titles from smaller studios.
The event lacked the feverish energy that a live showcase creates, but it managed to turn into a comfortable groove as games like the new Ratchet and Clank allowed us to see what the Solid State Drive (SSD) the PS5 can do to reduce the load or almost eliminate it times.
Instead of a quantum leap, this next generation seems to be based on many minor improvements in areas such as audio with 3D sound and improved haptic feedback in the controller.
What does the next generation mean apart from better graphics and faster loading times when it comes to games?
In this sense, the same thing: shooters, racing drivers, third-person adventure titles and sports games. Things that we already have but improved graphically.
PlayStation and Xbox both had problems communicating what the next generation really has to offer.
But at least the fans have now taken a look at some games and finally saw the curvy physical case of the PS5.
Perhaps it is enough to make the players hungry for what is to come.

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