Playtime is ‘no joke’ for this pretend-cashier dad: ‘Preparing them for the real world’

This father takes playtime very seriously. He brought things to life when his kids were playing "supermarket" and he got a little hilariously carried away.
When it comes to parenting, there's nothing like spending time with the kids. The moments when having fun is more important than those ever-growing to-do lists can be the most memorable.
TikTok mom @michellelynnheart gave her followers a sneak peek at what it's like to hang out with dad.
Playing with dad is no joke in our household
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“Playing with dad is no joke in our household,” the mother wrote in the video caption.
The father, his two daughters and his young son pretended to be in a supermarket. Papa wore an apron, had a full cash register with a conveyor belt and even shelves for goods. But even though he was playing, the father was not playing with his bite-sized "customers".
"You have to get away from the cooler," he said to his son behind the cash register.
The little boy opened and closed the radiator door. When his big sister closed the cooler, he started moaning and moaning.
"Sir - sir - attitude is not appreciated," said the father. "Don't make me call security."
His daughter laughed, but the father wasn't there to work, not to joke.
"Ma'am, are you going to pay or what?" he asked his daughter.
"I'm paying! [The credit card] is in the chipper," said the daughter.
“The hacker doesn't work. You have to paint it, ”replied the father.
The hilarious TikTok garnered 6 million views and 1.3 million likes. People found it so relatable.
"Not the underpaid employee and the stressed-out mother with crazy kids running around," commented one person.
"You're preparing them for the real world," said another.
"After working in a grocery store, I can confirm that this is 100 percent true," wrote one user.
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