‘Plenty of perjury’: MAGA lawyer files Georgia elections lawsuit with glaring typo

Attorney Lin Wood speaks during a press conference on election results in Alpharetta, Georgia on December 2, 2020 ((Reuters))
The Trump campaign once touted the legal minds behind its efforts to challenge legitimate election results as "elite strikers," but the defeats and mistakes continue to mount. Of the nearly 60 lawsuits filed by the campaign and its allies across the country, most have been dropped and none has proven a single case of electoral fraud.
On Friday, a pro-Trump attorney named L. Lin Wood, who led attempts to overturn the Georgian president's election results, filed a new lawsuit in a similar fashion, signing his complaint that he is making his claims under "a lot of perjury" made "rather punishment of perjury.
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"I am under vigorous perjury declaring and verifying that the facts contained in the above verified declaratory and injunction complaint are true and correct," wrote Wood, an accomplished defamation attorney with a large Conservative following on the Internet, in his complaint.
The federal lawsuit criticizes Georgia's voting process as unlawful. A court settlement in March changed the details of the state's voting rules following a complaint by the Democratic Party alleging various steps related to postal ballot papers and signature matching as disenfranchising minority voters. Mr. Wood's complaint is intended to halt the January Senate runoff elections in Georgia, which will continue to use these legally certified changes. Two Georgia Republicans, David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, are vulnerable in the runoff elections.
In early December, a federal appeals court dismissed a similar lawsuit brought by Mr. Wood in connection with the presidential contest. The same court dismissed another lawsuit from Mr. Wood and Sidney Powell, a former Trump campaign attorney, in Georgia to investigate voting machines. The couple claimed, under one baseless conspiracy theory, that voting machines turned votes for Mr. Trump.
Both Mr. Wood and Ms. Powell are prominent members of the Stop the Steal movement, which claims, without any real evidence, that Mr. Trump's election was stolen. The State of Georgia conducted three separate recounts declaring Mr Biden the winner and finding no evidence of a stolen election.
The duo's efforts so far have been full of mistakes. One of their lawsuits was amended after it was originally alleged that voting machines reversed the votes intended for Mr Biden and wrongly awarded them to Mr Trump.
Ms. Powell, who proclaimed her series of election lawsuits across the country that would trigger what she called "Kraken," was instead filled with numerous errors and bizarre oversights, including references to a nonexistent Michigan county, and filed a Wisconsin - Submit to receive data on other states and misspelled the world district twice in the first lines of a submission.
The Trump campaign abruptly parted ways with Ms. Powell and her increasingly conspiratorial claims in late November.
The president also reportedly reached out to Mr Wood in early December telling him to "quit" after encouraging Republicans not to vote in the runoff because they were "manipulated", a message that is both unfounded as well as politically dangerous in the midst of runoff elections that could decide who controls the US Senate.
On December 14, the electoral college officially confirmed the victory of President-elect Biden, despite the total number of votes and officials from both parties having confirmed for weeks that his victory was clear, legitimate and free of significant irregularities.
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