Police apologise after officers pull over black couple 'for driving a car'

A police publicly apologized after two of their officers stopped a black couple and asked that they identify themselves for "driving a car on a street."
Ingrid Antoine-Oniyoke (47) and her husband Falil Oniyoke (50) were arrested on Tuesday in Ipswich, Suffolk.
The footage of the incident sparked outrage on social media after one of the Suffolk police officers who stopped her from accusing the couple of jumping on the Black Lives Matter protests.
The Watford couple had lived in Antoine-Oniyoke's mother's house while their home was being renovated.
They were stopped after apparently "looking" at a police car parked nearby.
In the video, a male officer says: "At the end of the day, whether it looks funny or not, you drove a car on a street, so I ask you to present a driver's license."
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Antoine-Oniyoke says to him: “You are kidding us. You can see why people get upset. "
He replies: "All I need is proof that you are the driver of this vehicle and you live here and we are gone."
The Suffolk policeman asked to see the couple's ID cards because they "drove a car on a street." (PA)
The police officer adds: "You shot something angry that shouldn't be. You just jump on the train - that's not okay," in an obvious reference to the recent protests against Black Lives Matter.
The male officer then says to the couple "You look suspicious" and adds: "You can argue and you can say" why, why, why all the time? ".
During the exchange, the couple accused the officials of profiling them and described the incident as "disgusting".
Her daughter Maja posted footage that her mother had filmed about the exchange on Twitter and asked the Suffolk Police to apologize.
The couple's daughter posted a video of the exchange on Twitter. (PA)
The group said: “The Suffolk Constabulary is aware of the video that is being shared on social media and that involves two of our officers.
"After looking at the issues raised by a large number of people, particularly regarding certain comments made on the video, we would like to apologize for the offenses they caused.
“The police are very aware of the depth of feeling about the events of the past few weeks and the issue of racism in our society.
“We always try to ensure that we monitor all of our communities with dignity, respect and fairness. Where these values ​​are not reached, we will do everything we can to learn from them. "
Maja said relatives living in Ipswich had told her that there was "a race and police problem in the city."
"Some even said they had encounters with this male officer in particular," she added.

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