Police: Beaten boy drops from window to escape abusive dad

April 12 - A boy, locked in a bedroom for days, jumped out of a second-floor window and bypassed surveillance cameras to escape his abusive father, police said.
Elvis Justiniano, 31, of 122 Woodside Dr., faces false incarceration and child hazard allegations for regularly beating the child and locking them upstairs.
According to the complaint, the boy showed up at Wilkes-Barre Police Department on Saturday morning and reported that his father had slapped him in the face and hit him with a wooden paint mixer.
Police said the boy, whose age was not reported, had red welts on his arms, back and right leg.
The boy told police that his father beat him when he was about 6 years old and that according to the complaint he had locked the boy in his bedroom for days.
When Justiniano was upset, he would come into the bedroom and beat the child with a belt and other objects, police said.
He also installed surveillance cameras inside and outside the house to keep an eye on the boy, according to the complaint.
The boy told police he had been planning an escape for several weeks and decided to leave after Justiniano hit him on Saturday, police said.
The boy opened his bedroom window, hung on the windowsill, then let go and fell to the floor, the police said.
Then he walked along the house and stayed out of sight of the cameras so he could escape, police said.
The police and social workers in the Lucerne district reacted to the house on Saturday evening and arrested Justiniano.
He is charged with false imprisonment, endangering children, reckless endangering, simple bodily harm, disorderly behavior, and harassment.
District judge Thomas F. Malloy Sr. charged Justiniano Saturday night and placed $ 10,000 on bail.
Justiniano was held in the correctional facility in the Lucerne district. A preliminary hearing was scheduled for April 22nd.
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