Police handcuffed an innocent Black man who was eating with his family at a Virginia Beach mall, saying he matched the profile of a wanted suspect

Police in Virginia Beach, Virginia mistakenly handcuffed a black man over the weekend claiming he fit the description of a suspect they were looking for, local news outlets reported.
Jamar Mackey was eating at a mall with his family when officers walked up to him and handcuffed him before telling him why, WTKR-TV reported.
Footage of the incident was posted online and community leaders condemned the officers' actions, WAVY-TV reported.
Virginia Beach Police Department announced they have opened an investigation into the incident.
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Police in Virginia Beach, Virginia mistakenly handcuffed a black man while he was dining with his family at a mall over the weekend and said it fit the description of another suspect they were looking for.
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The man, Jamar Mackey, was at a food court in Lynnhaven Mall when officers handcuffed him in front of his family and took him out before giving him an explanation, WTKR-TV reported.
A five-minute video of the incident was posted on Facebook on Saturday.
"Are you serious?" Says Mackey in the video.
One hears a woman with Mackey saying, "But what did he do? He didn't do anything."
She added, "This is so embarrassing. We are with our family."
When the officers realized they had misidentified Mackey, they released him, apologized, and eventually explained their actions to the family.
"We received a description of someone who used stolen credit cards, OK. That person is a black man with dreadlocks and only wore black and was with a boy who wore red," says one official in the video.
"This is how I will be treated in 2020," says Mackey towards the end of the video.
"Black Lives Matter. You will see why we fight," he said.
Virginia Beach Police Department announced they have opened an investigation into the incident.
WAVY-TV reported that the local NAACP chapter released a statement on Sunday criticizing the way law enforcement agencies are handling the situation.
"The NAACP in Virginia Beach strongly condemns the apparent racist tendency seen in the video clip that was widely featured on social media today," said Karen Hills Pruden, president of the organization, in the statement. "Amid a global pandemic, Virginia Beach police officers - without masks or personal protective equipment - mistakenly arrested a black man who was spending time with his family."
Pruden also said the organization has launched its own investigation and "will not rest until every black citizen in Virginia Beach can shop, dine and travel without being racially profiled by our city's police officers."
Paul Neudigate, police chief of Virginia Beach, addressed the incident in a press conference Monday afternoon, WAVY-TV reported.
"While I don't have the answers everyone is looking for today, we felt it was extremely important to update our community where we are," he said. "My employees will continue to work quickly in the coming holidays in order to collect all the relevant information."
He added, "Once again, right or wrong, we must be able to apologize if our actions seriously disturb any member of the community we serve. Let me take this opportunity to personally apologize to Mr. Mackey for this incident. "
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