Police: Miami teen girl stole, posed for pics with gun later used to kill Hollywood officer

A 16-year-old Miami girl has admitted taking possession of a stolen gun that was believed to be later used by her brother to murder Hollywood police officer Yandy Chirino, authorities said.
Katherine Banegas was admitted to a Miami-Dade juvenile prison early Monday and charged with grievous theft of a firearm, possession of a firearm by a minor and possession of a firearm by a delinquent.
She is accused of having stolen the Glock G43 pistol from a man in September and not returning it despite repeated text messages. She also admitted taking photos with her brother Jason Banegas, 18, and the gun, an arrest report said.
"The defendant said she wished she could take everything back," Miami-Dade detective Laureano Garcia wrote in an arrest report.
Katherine is also being held on an exceptional youth robbery charge, a case in which Miami-Dade prosecutors previously announced they would be charged as an adult. She could also be charged as an adult in a gun case.
She is the younger sister of Jason Banegas, who is charged with first degree murder in the murder of Chirino, who was shot and killed in a scuffle in the Emerald Hills neighborhood of Hollywood earlier this month.
According to police, Jason Banegas was on a bicycle that broke into cars when Chirino tried to arrest him. Banegas later claimed that he resisted arrest because he did not want to return to juvenile detention - he had just come out of a "high risk" detention center.
During the scuffle with Chirino, the teenager claimed he took the stolen Glock and tried to shoot himself, but instead fatally shot the officer, according to the arrest warrant. Another Hollywood officer came at the end of the confrontation and arrested Banegas.
Chirino, 28, was from Miami and had been with the Hollywood Police Department for less than five years.
After Banegas was arrested, Katherine told WPLG-10 that "my brother would never do this for no reason."
But the investigators were already looking at Katherine, who, like her brother, was arrested several times as a teenager, among other things for serious vehicle theft, burglary and criminal mischief. When she was 14, Miami police said she and a man followed a friend in their car and later stole his wallet. Another man's belt pouch with a Michael Kors watch was also stolen, according to an arrest report.
A "pickup order" was later ordered after Katherine failed to appear in court, a record show. She was arrested Friday night at a Walmart in Sunrise and grinned at a WSVN cameraman as she was taken to Lauderhill Police Station for interrogation.
According to an arrest report, she was in a car with a man in northwest Miami-Dade on September 15. They stopped at a gas station, the other girl opened the glove compartment and saw the Glock. She asked if "she can have the gun," and the man wiped it off, saying the gun was real and "advised her not to touch it," the report said.
Investigators believe the girls stole the gun when he was paid for the gasoline. Later, in his house, the girls disappeared and he discovered that the gun was missing. He told the police that he wrote and called Katherine "numerous times" to get the gun back, and later reported the gun to the police as missing.
Upon his arrest, Katherine accused the other girl of actually taking the gun, but admitted that she “made no attempts to return the gun to the victim or law enforcement agencies. "The defendant admitted to knowingly taking pictures with her brother [and the gun] after the victim's gun was stolen," the arrest report said.

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