Police 'mocked' a handcuffed Black man with asthma when he said he had chest pains. He had a heart attack and died.

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An asthmatic black man died during an arrest after officers mocked his complaints of chest pains.
Ian Taylor told London Police: 'I'm going to die', and one officer said it was 'a lot of nonsense'.
Taylor died hours later and the officer has not apologized to Taylor's family.
A new report has shown that an asthmatic black man died during an arrest after police officers dismissed his chest pain complaints as "nonsense".
A recent report by the coroner to prevent future deaths describes how 54-year-old Ian McDonald-Taylor was arrested by police in Brixton, south London, on June 29, 2019, after a "physical altercation".
Police arrest McDonald-Taylor and handcuff him as he lies on the sidewalk. He soon began to complain of chest pains and difficulty breathing.
McDonald-Taylor, who was known to have severe asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, repeated phrases to officers recorded on body-worn footage, such as "I'm fading" and "I'm going to die." Get me up now," the report said.
It said that a police officer, whose name has been redacted, called a sergeant on the radio and said, "He's on the floor right now playing the whole poor me, poor me, but of course he needs to go to the hospital," and later said, " He says he has chest pains, he can't breathe, blah blah, it's a lot of nonsense, but here we go."
Moments after this interaction, McDonald-Taylor went into cardiac arrest and died at a local hospital a few hours later.
The causes of death given were cardiac arrest, acute asthma, situational stress, heart disease and dehydration.
Senior Coroner Andrew Harris' report said the anonymous officer "could not bring himself to apologize to the family."
When asked about McDonald-Taylor's death, his cousin Michael Cooper said, "To see the video footage of Ian gasping for breath and desperately begging for help but being fired and even taunted by cops is absolutely devastating." According to the local news agency MyLondon,
"Police are trained to deal with situations like this, but they didn't do what anyone else would have done and drove him to a hospital three minutes away," Cooper said.
"How many more deaths will it take before the police take seriously a black man who says he can't breathe?"
The Independent Bureau of Police Conduct said the officer "did not behave in a manner that would justify the initiation of disciplinary proceedings".
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