Police Officer and Wife, Parents of 2 Boys, Diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer Weeks Apart: 'It's Devastating'

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Mike and Laura Tomelloso
Earlier this year, a California family's life was turned upside down.
In February, Laura Tomelloso, a retired Justice Department official, was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer after undergoing a colonoscopy, according to KNBC.
Within weeks, Temelloso's husband Michael also received life-changing news when doctors told the longtime LAPD Central Traffic Division officer that he had stage 4 throat cancer, KABC reports.
"It's devastating, and for [Laura] - to go through that to find out that your spouse will handle it too," Carrie Cellini, a family friend, told KNBC.
According to the outlet, Laura's colon cancer has since metastasized to ovarian cancer.
The Tomellosos are the parents of two young boys, 14-year-old Mike Jr. and 10-year-old Matthew, the LAPD Central Traffic Division said in a statement posted to social media.
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"During their battle with cancer, which consists of ongoing medical treatments, surgeries and hospitalizations, they face an exhausted challenge of completing simple tasks," the statement said.
"They have relied on friends, neighbors and church members to make life less challenging with their daily chores and doctor appointments and to make Mike Jr. and Matthew's childhoods as positive as possible," the statement continued.
The central transport department said Matthew is a special needs child and is homeschooled and working with horses as part of his therapy. They said he could no longer attend therapy sessions because of his parents' health.
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The LAPD set up a Blue Ribbon trust fund account to raise money for the family. Information on how to donate can be found on his website.
"He knew what kind of person he was and a family man, he was a Marine and he's been a police officer for over 25 years and married to his wife for over 25 years," LAPD Officer Bryce Verna told KABC. "And actually — not one person, but two people going through this — it's quite a lot of lottery odds."
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"[We hope] to make it as easy as possible for them to function and worry about their treatment and their health rather than the money aspect," Verna continued.
Sergeant Jeanna Quinones told KTLA that Michael, 49, is no longer able to work.
"It was tough," Carrie Cellini told the broadcaster. "They're both down. So neither of them can really do anything."

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