Police officer laughs after breaking black man’s ankle with flying tackle

Atlanta Police Department footage showing the attack on a black American last April: Butler Law Firm
The Atlanta Police Department (APD) is again criticized after a camera camera arrested last April when officers arrested and laughed a black man's ankle while he was forced to go.
The new case comes days after APD leader Ericka Shields resigned after police shot another black man, Rayshard Brooks, under nationwide protests against racism and police violence.
The alarming police video shows several police officers who tell victim Tyler Griffin: "Get out of the king's car!" because of a suspected traffic violation last April.
Mr. Griffin, who complied with the police demands but pushed an official's arm aside when he clutched his shirt, was then tackled and suffered broken bones.
This body cam recording was released on Monday when Mr. Griffin's, Jeb Butler, and Matt Kahn's attorneys filed a lawsuit against the Atlanta Police Department and two police officers involved in the incident.
"He is supposed to protect and serve, not pretend to be in the WWE," said Mr. Butler of the Atlanta officer who sprinted in an unjustified attack on Mr. Griffin and broke his ankle.
This officer, who was named Donald Vickers in legal documents, was seen laughing at the black man in the video and said, "We laugh because you fell pretty hard after hitting an officer, man."
Vickers continued, "I think that's funny, man," when Mr. Griffin screamed agonizingly on the floor.
After demanding that Mr. Griffin get up and walk on his ankle, he shouts: "It hurts! It hurts! "While the Atlanta Cops keep laughing.
The lawsuit also claims that Vickers told the victim that "you sound just like a little girl."
Mr. Griffin's lawyers added Monday that after the injuries he suffered, her client needed emergency surgery to install a metal plate and 10 pens.
"This was a police officer on an electric trip," Butler said, "and his friends tried to cover it up afterwards."
"I grew up believing that if you worked with officials, everything would be fine," Griffin added. "I still think that most police officers are good people. But what happened to me is unacceptable and this story has to be told. "
It was not clear whether the APD fired or fired Vickers and another official identified as Matthew Abad after the lawsuit.
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