Police officers shoot and kill Los Angeles security guard: 'He ran because he was scared'

After the sheriff's deputies persecuted and shot a security guard in a car repair shop in Los Angeles on Thursday evening, family members identified the dead person to the local media as Andres Guardado (18).
The murder occurred amid national protests and riots over the deaths of African Americans and other black people by law enforcement officials.
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On Wednesday, MPs from the Los Angeles District Sheriff also shot Terron Jammal Boone, 31, who, according to the department, "was Robert Fuller's half-brother, who was found hanging on a tree on June 10, 2020 and is currently under investigation" .
A police spokesman described Guardado's shooting in the dealership Thursday, and told reporters that MPs saw the man make a gun before he ran away.
"The MPs briefly chased between the two companies. At some point, MPs contacted the suspect and then there were shootouts involving MPs," the spokesman said, adding that it was not immediately clear how many officials would be fired were.
Andrew Heney, owner of the freeway auto shop, told a local CBS partner, "We had a security guard outside because we were having certain problems marking people and the like."
"And then the police came and they put their guns on him and he ran because he was afraid and they shot and killed him. He has a clean background and everything. There is no reason."
The sheriff's department said a gun was found where the man who died at the scene was shot. Family members denied that Guardado was armed. It was not clear whether he was wearing a uniform.
Guardado's sister said to reporters, "I've lost part of me, it's empty, and I'll never have it again." I'll never see him, he'll never talk to me, I just can't, I just can't believe this happened to my brother. It really hurts me. "

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