Poll: Biden Firmly Ahead in Six Battleground States Trump Won in 2016

Former Vice President Joe Biden leads President Trump by at least six points in six battlefield countries Trump won in 2016. This is the result of a survey published on Thursday by the New York Times / Siena College.
In Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Florida, Arizona and North Carolina, Biden Trump leads with an average of nine points. The former vice president leads Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania with double-digit margins of 11, 11 and 10 points, respectively. Florida is currently the closest race, with Biden leading by six points, while his lead in Arizona and North Carolina is seven and nine points, respectively.
A majority of voters disapproved of the president's performance (54-42), especially when asked about race relations and George Floyd's protests, with Trump receiving 34 percent and 31 percent approval ratings, respectively. But a majority of voters - 56 percent - endorsed Trump's surrender of the economy, saying that Trump was 16 points better than Biden on this issue, 55 to 39 percent. Voters trust Trump in China more than Biden (49 to 43).
Trump's handling of the corona virus and his insistence on opening up the country appear to have influenced his ratings among voters. The data showed that voters wanted the federal government to prioritize limiting the spread of the pandemic over opening the economy by 20 points (55 to 35 percent).
The numbers also showed that Trump's support among undergraduate whites, his core demographics in 2016, has dropped eight points since the same poll last October that showed a neck-and-neck race. Biden's support among young voters has also increased over the same period, gaining 21 points to consolidate his 38-plus lead, while voters aged 65 and over support Biden by six points, despite going double-digit with Trump in 2016.
Despite the mass protests, Biden's gains among minority voters are practically unchanged, with leads among black and Hispanic voters rising only two and one points since October.
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