Porsche Collection Bonds Ingram Family After Tragedy And Disaster

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A gas explosion that killed two people and destroyed a large part of the Ingram Porsche collection seems impossible to endure, but the family made it!
People report that visiting the Ingram Porsche collection is a place where you believe in magic and get a unique glimpse into the past. This unique Porsche collection is also a story of the Ingram family. This tribe has faced some great and terrible obstacles. But they prevailed with the strength they get from each other.
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"We are honored that we can take care of these cars."
Bob Ingram and his Jeanie Porsches have been collecting porsches since the late 1990s. The collection grew to a total of 80 Porsche models and spanned seven decades full of wonder. Bob Ingram is extremely invested in the history of each car, including the passion of their former owner for them. Bob can tell you all the stories behind the cars, and it has earned him a huge following over the years who feel like they are being transported back in time with these stories.
The Ingram collection experienced a nightmare in April 2019 when a gas pipe exploded, killing two people and a large portion of the Porsches in the collection in a warehouse that housed many of the cars from the collection. "It was the saddest day of our lives," recalls Bob Ingram. "Our thoughts are still with the people who have been hurt and the families who have lost loved ones."
Four vehicles were so badly damaged that they seemed like a lost cause, including an extremely rare Porsche 356 B Carrera GTL Abarth. In the weeks that followed, Bob Ingram and his team worked tirelessly to build the car from scratch, with the goal of competing in the world-famous Concours d'Elegance competition at Pebble Beach.
Cam Ingram offers: “We were fortunate that, despite its long racing history, it never suffered serious damage from accidents or the like. The aluminum body was still in excellent condition, as was the chassis. Just because it didn't have the damage typical of its age for racing cars, we were able to achieve something in four months that would otherwise take years. "
The repairs to the 356 B Carrera GTL Abarth were completed just in time to show up at Pebble Beach. "It was a very emotional moment," admits Bob Ingram. "The whole experience brought us even closer together as a family." The Concours d'Elegance gave the Porsche a class wing and a triumphant comeback for the Ingrams.
"You never give up while you still have a chance."
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