Prankster’s photobombing attempt sparks debate on TikTok over ‘boundaries’: ‘Y’all are miserable’

Is "photobombing" still funny? A woman shared a viral post on Twitter, sparking a dramatic debate over the internet-famous prank.
The photobombing drama began when a Twitter user, Sidné, shared a photo of her during an evening in which a young woman with a silly face had jumped into the frame.
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"I let you have your moment the way you wanted baby girl," Sidné wrote. "Play stupid games, win stupid prizes."
Sidné cheerfully shared the tweet and explained that she didn't feel disrespected by the photo bomber. However, some Twitter users disagreed with Sidné's decision to post the photo bomber in a poor light and were upset with the tone of the caption.
"I didn't know people got upset about a photo bomb," replied one Twitter user. "Ig it's rude if you don't know the person but you can still just crop lol."
"The girl was silly and photobombed your pic but you and the comments are pulling her along," replied another. "I'm sure some of you are unhappy and don't know how to have fun in life."
The drama became so intense that it quickly spread to other social media apps, including TikTok. User @amandapleeze shared this video to defend Sidné.
@amandapleeze believes Sidné was entitled to share the image and didn't deserve to be attacked on Twitter. Light-hearted pranks like photobombing are acceptable among friends but can be annoying when they come from strangers, she argued.
"You guys have to understand that sometimes not everyone plays all the time!" @amandapleeze said. "If I don't know you like that and I'm trying to take pictures and you screw up and do stupid things like that, I'll be mad too!"
Most TikTok users agreed with @amandapleeze's photo-bombing stranger mentality and found the prank rude rather than funny.
"It's not even funny to begin with...why is she even going in someone else's photo hhh?" commented one TikToker.
"I also don't like when people bombard me with photos, it shows their lack of boundaries for others," said another.
"This is her photo. It's their choice to post or not. If the photobomber didn't like it, she shouldn't have photobombed," someone interjected.
Other TikTokers didn't see photobombing as a serious offense and respected Sidne for taking the situation lightly.
"Photobombing is funny ig but what's even funnier is she posts it LMAOOOO," commented one TikTok user.
"You think it's funny to make a photo bomb, I think it's funny to post it. Now we're both hilarious," wrote another.
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