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Blake Lively shows off her Thanksgiving Pies
Taylor Hill/Getty; Blake Lively/Instagram
Blake Lively had a busy Thanksgiving.
On Sunday, the 35-year-old mother of four shared a look at her Turkey Day dessert table, including three decorative cakes, on her Instagram Story.
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The first pie appeared to have a chocolate base and was topped with leaf and acorn pie crust cutouts. The second confection, leaning on a citrus theme, was topped with elegantly sliced ​​limes, while the final tart was a square dessert garnished with fruit and nuts. "Yummm," she wrote next to the photo.
Along with the yummy looking candies, she also shared her Thanksgiving-inspired decorations.
"Family made turkey pinecones ftw," she wrote alongside the adorable decorations that spread across a table filled with flowers and plants.
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Blake Lively shows off her Thanksgiving Pies
Blake Lively/Instagram
Your holiday kitchen didn't end with the cakes. On Sunday, she also shared a special breakfast she prepared courtesy of fellow actor and foodie Stanley Tucci.
"The one and only @stanleytucci taught me how to make a frittata out of dreams," she wrote.
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Topped with tomatoes and lots of cheese, the Gossip Girl graduate hilariously called out her own recipe additions. "Just please don't tell him I put godforsaken amounts of grilled cheese on top because I'm a garbage panda."
Blake Lively shows off her Thanksgiving Pies
Blake Lively/Instagram
In September, Lively kicked off the holiday season by sharing her festive creations on Instagram, which ranged from pumpkin bread and pie to a cooler made out of an actual pumpkin.
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"To everyone whose email I haven't replied to or haven't replied to: I'm sorry. I've been busy with urgent matters..." she captioned her post. Lively is obviously excited about the holidays because her post featured a selfie in elf pajamas.
One of her most impressive creations was a pumpkin-shaped loaf of sourdough bread with a crunchy stick. Lively commented on her own post to give credit to the content creator she emulated. "@sourdough_enzo with the original inspiration for this bread design!" She added. Along with a photo, Lively posted a "really aggressive ASMR" video of her slicing up the ultra-crusty bread, which she described as the "crustiest and steamiest."
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Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds
Emma McIntyre/Getty
Earlier this month, Lively praised husband Ryan Reynolds for being so supportive of their family.
In an emotional speech before the spirited actor, 46, accepted the prestigious American Cinematheque Award in Los Angeles, Lively shared behind-the-scenes stories about her husband's dedication to his craft - and his boundless love for his family.
"This man has contributed so much to the world's most international happiness with his art, his heart, his philanthropy, his humor, his integrity, his unmatched work ethic, his self-deprecating lightness, his hard-earned depth in his screenplays," she said.
And the Deadpool star has also exceeded the demands of family life, shared Lively, who is currently pregnant with the couple's fourth child.
"And now I'm his home and our girls are his home," she said. "And just like this 19-year-old boy [who used to commute home to Canada], he's racing home, whether it's from around the world or from a meetup across the street, he's hardwired to get home. If he came home from the set not in his closet we would be very concerned."
Blake Lively
American actress
Ryan Reynolds
Canadian actor

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