Pregnant Nilsa Prowant Reveals She's Been Diagnosed with Polyhydramnios: 'Super Scary'

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Nilsa Prowant was diagnosed with pregnancy-related health as she prepared to welcome her first baby in the coming weeks.
On Tuesday, Floribama Shore, 37 weeks pregnant with her baby, announced on Instagram that she was diagnosed with polyhydramnios, a condition that the Mayo Clinic says there is too much amniotic fluid around the baby in the uterus is.
The 27-year-old reality star, who is expecting her son Gray with fiancé Gus Gazda, posted a photo of the couple from a maternity shoot to share the diagnosis.
"At our last appointment, we found Gray measures 40 weeks per abdominal measurement, so they took me back for an ultrasound to confirm that he measures 7 pounds 9 ounces in the 90th percentile 40 weeks (full term)," began they the detailed post. "My amniotic fluid, measured at 28 cm? Normal is 5-25, so I was a little above the normal average."
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Since her fluid levels were above average, her obstetrician referred her to a specialist to better understand the situation.
At her appointment with the specialist, Prowants amniotic fluid was 36 cm in size and prompted the specialist to diagnose her with polyhydramnios.
"It sounded super scary so of course I Googled? Shouldn't have. BUT they said they couldn't find anything wrong with Baby G but they think it might be something with me," she continued. "Possibly gestational diabetes at a later date ... so I'm back to the specialist today to try to get a better understanding of what's going on and to check on Baby Gray!"
Prowant asked her followers to "keep me and my little man in your prayers" as she continues to learn about her condition.
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"They already said they'll get me up 39 weeks and we're in the books to have Gray in about 2 weeks," she concluded.
Prowant first announced their pregnancy news on Instagram in December with a photo of the couple posing together outside while the mother-to-be shows off her baby bump while holding a sign that reads "Baby Gazda. Coming May 2021".
"Even in the darkest of times, the Lord still shines his light. Our greatest adventure is just around the corner," she captioned the post.
Prowant previously dated her Floribama Shore costar Gus Smyrnios, but the two separated. In November 2019, she went public on Instagram with her new boyfriend, also known as Gus. "Nobody ever loves you more than God, your mother and I," she wrote alongside a photo of the couple in Thomson. Georgia at the time.

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