President blames 'slippery' ramp for trouble walking while health experts issue coronavirus warning over his Tulsa rally

Donald Trump at the end of the opening ceremony on June 13, 2020 in West Point, New York: Getty Images
Donald Trump has threatened to boycott the NFL and US football after the leagues decided to lift bans on players kneeling during the national anthem because of protests against Black Lives Matter.
In a series of tweets, the president said he would no longer watch the sport after decisions criticized by the Republican legislature.
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A bizarre tweet that Mr. Trump shared last night defended his walk on a ramp at West Point on Saturday as he attended a graduation ceremony. The moment spread on Twitter with some questions about the president's health after he seemed to be struggling down the ramp, but Mr. Trump said it was "slippery" and "steep".
Mr Trump remained largely calm on Sunday after a series of tweets on the previous day on Twitter. His silence, along with retweeting some Happy Birthday tweets, could be the President taking the time to enjoy his 75th birthday outside of social media.
The president's campaign lawyer made headlines after appearing on CNN Sunday to discuss the Trump campaign letter threatening a lawsuit against the news organization over a poll she released last week. CNN presenter Brian Stelter and Trump campaign executive legal advisor Jenna Ellis traded heated barbs across the segment.
In Atlanta, the chief of police resigned after an African-American who had fallen asleep in his car by a police officer was fatally shot. This threatened to reignite tensions over racism and police brutality in the United States. On Saturday after the man's death, protests broke out, burning down a Wendy the man was shot at.

The protests against Black Trans Lives Matter also overtook Brooklyn, New York after it became known that the Trump administration had ended the regulations for transgender people who prevented health professionals from discriminating against them.

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