President warns army cadets against 'passion and prejudice', after bowing to pressure over Juneteenth rally

President Donald Trump speaks during a panel discussion at Gateway Church Dallas on June 11: AP
Donald Trump attended the closing ceremony of the US Military Academy for West Point in New York on Saturday, where he gave an opening speech before "Passion and Prejudice" in "turbulent" and "rough" moments.
The comments came almost two weeks after the president threatened to use the military in cities in the United States to control the protests against Black Lives Matter, which were shown out of anger at police brutality against African-Americans.
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Mr. Trump also mentioned the corona virus in his speech, explaining how the US "will defeat the" invisible enemy "just a few days after the country's cases exceeded 2 million people and the CDC warned that the death toll was up to July 4 could reach 130,000. After the graduation, the president returned to his Bedminster golf club in New Jersey, where he spends the weekend.
The Trump campaign had a backlash this week, as Mr. Trump's first campaign event since the coronavirus pandemic started on June 19 in Tulsa, Oklahoma was planned. In a move the president didn't see often, he bowed to pressure and postponed the rally to prevent further setbacks. Now the rally would take place on June 20th.
Discussions over the President's controversial path from the White House to St. Johns Episcopal Church last week have only continued as the Secret Service changes its first statement on the event.
The agency previously said that demonstrators in Lafayette Park did not use pepper spray to disperse the crowd so that Trump could take his walk. But now the agency said an employee had used the pepper spray "in response to an attacking person."

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