Presidential Pups! First Dogs Champ and Major Join President Joe Biden in the Oval Office

Official White House photo by Adam Schultz
"Ruff" day in the Oval Office!
President Joe Biden was joined by "First Dogs" Champ and Major in the Oval Office for a photo shoot earlier this month. The footage shows the President's pets looking happy in their new White House home.
In one of the photos from the February 9 shoot, which White House photographer Adam Schultz, shared on Instagram on Monday, Biden is standing in front of his desk and smiling next to his two German shepherds. Biden has his hand on Major's head while Champ lies on the Oval Office carpet.
After posing for this adorable picture, the President's puppies also attended some important Oval Office meetings.
Official White House photo by Adam Schultz
In another shot from the same morning, Champ, Biden's 14-year-old dog, is listening to a meeting with high-level advisors in the Oval Office.
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Champ and Major officially moved into the White House on January 24, just four days after Biden, 78, was officially inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States.
"The First Family wanted to settle down before bringing the dogs from Delaware to Washington. Champ is enjoying his new dog bed by the fireplace, and Major loved walking around the South Lawn," said First Lady Dr. Jill Biden's press secretary Michael LaRosa told CNN at the time.
Adam Schultz / White House Official Photo Champion and Major BIden
The Champ and Major are the first bitches to live in the White House in four years as former President Donald Trump was the first President to have no pets since President William McKinley in 1897, according to CBS News.
Major makes history as the first rescue dog to live at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The Biden family adopted Major from the Delaware Humane Association (DHA) in November 2018, 10 years after welcoming their first German Shepherd, Champ.
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President Biden and Dr. Biden got Champ around Christmas 2008 and brought the beloved pet to the residence of the Vice President of the US Naval Observatory during Biden's two terms as Vice President with former President Barack Obama. Champ got his name from the nickname Biden's father gave him as a boy.
Last month, in a tweet, the Champ and Major were photographed the President's granddaughter, Naomi Biden, enjoying their time in the snow on the South White House lawn.
In the blink of an eye you can see Major walking around the grounds while Champ takes it easy and sits comfortably in the snow.
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