‘Pretty Magical’: Corgi Nurses Lab Pups After Their Mom Dies

Lone Star Dog Ranch and Dog Ranch Rescue on Facebook
Four Labrador Retriever pups at a Texas rescue who lost their mother shortly after they were born have warmth - and milk in an unlikely place! - found. The new adoptive mother, a corgi who had also given birth to her own litter of puppies a few weeks earlier, stepped in to feed, clean and cuddle the little ones in their need ... and it's just as adorable as you think.
Lone Star Dog Ranch and Dog Ranch Rescue write on Facebook that earlier this month they hosted a pregnant lab called Autumn Dove as a rescue from a puppy mill. She was able to give birth to four healthy little puppies, but unfortunately passed away shortly after their arrival.
Without their mother, the pups would have to be bottle-fed every two or three hours. But since Angela the corgi had given birth to her pups three weeks earlier, the shelter staff wondered if she might be interested in maintaining the labs.
The staff placed one of the new puppies next to Angela, who quickly nursed him. Soon all four newborn pups were breastfeeding. Angela is a great mom and even tidied them all up when they were full and fell asleep next to her corgi kids.
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After the cubs were fed, the shelter's foster mother picked them up and put them back in the incubator to rest. But Angela didn't have that. She went to the incubator and barked, so the shelter brought the Lab pups back to their new mother, who happily began cleaning and caring for her children "like they have been all along".
"Angela's pups were 3 weeks old so introducing some newborn pups to a mother who has 3 week old pups can be a little difficult, and most of the time they kind of turn their backs on them, but she didn't. And it was pretty magical, "Lone Star President Renne Eden told Fox 4.
Just like Autumn Dove, the organization rescued Angela from a puppy mill, Eden told the news channel. Angela already has a family ready to adopt her, but they are now patiently waiting for her to come up with her latest additions before bringing them home.
The four Lab boys can now grow up with their new Corgi siblings, who are initially much larger than the newborns - although it will certainly not stay that way for long. The puppies even cuddle together when they are not with mom, of course.
"These are their babies," says Eden.
As of last week the boys were 2 weeks old and they were fine, they even started walking around a bit. Soon they will be eating alone, preparing to come out from under Angela's watchful gaze. Until then, fans can continue their journey by following the Lone Star Dog Ranch and Dog Ranch Rescue Facebook pages for updates.

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