Prince Charles Reportedly Said Something Offensive About Princess Diana to Her Brother After Her Death

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According to an upcoming royal biography, Prince Charles and Princess Diana's brother Charles Spencer came across heads seriously while planning their funeral in 1997.
In his book Battle of Brothers: William and Harry, the inner story of a family in turmoil, royal historian and biographer Robert Lacey describes the argument that included a moment when Prince Charles made an "offensive" comment on Diana.
At the heart of the men's disagreement was reportedly the role that Prince William and Prince Harry, then 15 and 12 respectively, would play at the funeral. Diana's brother believed that she didn't want them to go behind her coffin in the funeral procession, but her father apparently wouldn't hesitate on the subject.
The feud of Prince Charles and Princess Diana is legendary, and apparently there have been some lingering tensions after their tragic deaths.
In an excerpt from his new book, "Battle of Brothers: William and Harry, the Inner Story of a Family in Trouble," royal historian and biographer Robert Lacey revealed that Charles said something "offensive" to her brother, Charles Spencer, about his late ex. while their funeral preparations were being made.
According to People, who published the early excerpt, Spencer had been involved in "heated" discussions with palace officials about his sister's funeral arrangements. In particular, Spencer was against his nephews, Prince William (then 15) and Prince Harry (then 12), who were procession to Westminster Abbey behind their mother's coffin.
"Spencer was pretty sure Diana would have been horrified at the idea that her sons would endure such torture," writes Lacey. "He had told Charles so much already." Apparently one of the discussions "ended with the Earl opening the phone to his brother-in-law after Charles made a particularly offensive comment on Diana".
Lacey did not state what the offensive comment was, but went a little into the argument and wrote:
"Prince Charles had no doubt that he should walk the long walk with his two sons beside him. But Uncle Charles Spencer disagreed. He was already angry on behalf of his family that his sister's funeral had been kidnapped on a royal occasion was, and he was particularly against the idea that his young nephews should walk the streets for most of a mile behind their mother's coffin. "
For what it's worth, Spencer's instincts seem right. Years later, Harry opened up the experience and said he did not believe that "under no circumstances should a child be asked to do this".
"My mother had just died and I had to go a long way behind her coffin surrounded by thousands of people watching me while millions more were on TV. I think no child should under any circumstances be asked to," said he told Newsweek magazine in 2017. "I don't think it would happen today."
The Battle of the Brothers hit shelves later that month, October 20.

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