Prince Charles reveals he's lost his sense of smell and taste due to coronavirus

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Prince Charles has announced that he still suffers from loss of smell and taste after being infected by the corona virus in March. The king shared the update when he made his first personal engagement today and visited NHS staff at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital with his wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.
71-year-old Charles tested positive for the highly contagious disease three months ago and was the first member of the British royal family to be affected. After a period of self-isolation, however, he quickly recovered.
What we didn't know yet, however, is how the virus affected it. Speaking to Cheltenham General Hospital assistant Jeff Mills about his experience with COVID-19, the future king mentioned some of his specific symptoms.
"He spoke of his personal experience, that is, first-hand experience for him. He also talked about his loss of smell and taste and still felt that he still had it," said Jeff Mills.
In the past month, the UK has officially listed the loss of smell and taste as two major symptoms of coronavirus. In addition to a persistent cough and / or fever, the government council is now suggesting that losing your sense of smell and taste can be an indicator that you have been infected with the virus.
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Losing the sense of smell is technically known as "anosmia", while the inability to taste food is known in the medical world as "ageusmia". The two are often connected because your ability to smell affects the taste of things. The World Health Organization has also added official taste and smell loss to its official symptom loss and added it to the "less common" section of its list of coronavirus symptoms (which you can find here). Other less typical signs of the virus include pain, sore throat, diarrhea, conjunctivitis, headache, and rash.
While Prince Charles now appears fit and healthy despite being infected with the potentially life-threatening virus, his family previously worried about his health.
In an interview with the BBC's Tina Daheley in April, Prince William said he was "concerned" about his father's well-being when he heard the news.
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"I have to admit that I was pretty worried at first. It fits someone's profile - at the age he is - which is pretty risky, so I was a little worried," said the Duke of Cambridge. He then confirmed that, luckily, his father had suffered only slightly.
"My father had a lot of breast infections, colds and the like over the years, so I thought: if anyone can beat that, it's him. And he was really lucky, he had mild symptoms," he said.
Prince William also made his first personal visit as part of his royal duties today when he visited the King's Lynn Ambulance Station to thank the staff for their efforts during the pandemic and to hear about their experiences.
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