Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Archewell trademark application is too vague

Harry and Meghan are looking for a trademark for Archewell. (Getty Images)
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been notified of their registration with the Archewell brand. The proposed name for their new nonprofit is "Overbroad" and they have to check it again.
Harry, 35, and Meghan, 38, confirmed earlier this year that they would name their new non-profit Archewell, and then filed for a trademark application in the United States.
However, the application appears to have suffered a blow since an examining attorney ruled that it was "vague and too broad" and that the couple had not paid enough money for the fees.
Yahoo UK lawyer’s notes also indicate that the application was not signed.
The couple has six months to respond to the lawyer's points, or the application is denied.
A source told Yahoo UK, "This is part of the normal back and forth of the trademark process," and it is not correct that the application was refused.
More updates from the couple will follow.
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Harry and Meghan were inspired by their son's name and the charity. (WireImage)
A rejection of the term “archecares” was added to the couple's documents, but the Sussexes team did not file a rejection.
In the review, the lawyer criticized the plans for the sale of goods and services as "vague and too broad," saying the application was required to specify the commercial or generic names of the goods.
In the Duke and Duchess' application, they said they wanted, among other things, trademark rights for books, magazines, clothing, teaching materials, a website, and support groups.
The couple were also asked to describe in more detail the areas in which their educational resources are treated.
The trademark application was filed in Delaware by Majorie Witter Norman for the couple, who has been living in Los Angeles with their son Archie since March.
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The Duke and Duchess revealed the name for their organization, Archewell, and came from the Greek word ark, which was also the inspiration for their son's name.
Ark means "source of action".
Harry and Meghan are believed to have delayed the start of the nonprofit, first because of the coronavirus pandemic and then when the world was listening to the Black Lives Matter movement.
However, the couple are said not to have changed their focus, but to try to incorporate all the work into the future organization.
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