Prince Harry Talks Facetiming Queen, ‘Hysterical’ Archie's First Word

In the early hours of February 26th, James Corden dropped a video interview with Prince Harry for his show, The Late Late Show with James Corden.
The 17-minute interview is hilarious, funny, broad and shows Prince Harry as not many people have seen him: in a casual polo and jeans, on a sightseeing bus in Los Angeles, cursing when he spills tea and smashes it at one point James Corden in a Spartan race to show that his military training definitely didn't leave him behind.
The interview is absolutely worth watching, not least because it's Prince Harry (huzzah!), But also because it's just fun and great to be able to freely talk to Harry about his son Archie, his wife Meghan and their decision to resign as high-ranking royals, face the queen and prince and much more.
“It was a difficult environment. We all know what the British press can be like. It destroyed my sanity, ”Harry told Corden of her decision to step down from a working king. "I did what any husband and father would do."
He added that he will never see himself as a "retirement" from the family - and that he will always be there for his family no matter what happens across the pond. He also noted that he's more comfortable with shows like The Crown because they're clearly fictional, about tabloid stories about the royal family actually disguising themselves to sell magazines.
In the interview, Corden faceted Meghan trying to convince Prince Harry to buy the house that was in the fresh Prince of Bel-Air (yes, really). Meghan revealed her secret nickname for Harry - she calls him Haz! (By the way, he knew that Meghan was "the one" on the second date.)
Harry also revealed that Archie, now nearly two years old, is "hysterical" and that his first word was actually "crocodile" which is really impressive. It sounds like Archie drinks tea every night before bed (so British) and Harry reveals that the couple are watching Jeopardy! how much that is funny and shows that Prince Harry is definitely getting used to American life.
He also said that he is quite a bit towards the Queen and Prince Philip - and that the Queen sent Archie a waffle iron for his birthday, which is adorable.
But maybe the best part of the interview is the final Spartan race that James Corden lets Prince Harry do. Honestly, Prince Harry is super fit and he makes the race look like easy work while Corden is definitely fighting for points. Anyway, it's a super fun interview and you should check it out.
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