Prince William pictured playing with his three children in intimate family photographs

Life in the block was difficult for parents with young children. While many may complain about the difficulties of balancing work and home tuition, this offers families the unique opportunity to grow closer together.
The young princess and two princes giggle uncontrollably with laughter and playfully climb onto the back of their amused and revered father, who is lying face down in the grass.
The intimate family photos, released by Kensington Palace on the occasion of Prince William's Father's Day and 38th birthday, were taken earlier this month at the home of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge family in Norfolk.
The Duke of Cambridge with his three children in Norfolk earlier this month - The Duchess of Cambridge / The Duchess of Cambridge
With the children in jeans and t-shirts and their father in his typical blue trousers, shirt and sweater, the photos capture a relaxed family enjoying the summer weather. Once again, it is the Duchess who is not seen in the pictures because she is behind the camera to make sure that every shot has the natural feel of it as it captures a simple moment that is shared by so many families from all over the world Country can be recognized.
The decision to publish such pictures is a further step away from official photos by experts. In another picture, Prince Louis is held in his father's arms as he sits on an oak swing with Princess Charlotte and Prince George standing behind him.
The Duke of Cambridge cradles Prince Louis on a swing - The Duchess of Cambridge / The Duchess of Cambridge
Perhaps moving for Father's Day, it is believed that the swing is the same one that Prince William's father, Prince Charles, bought him and his wife on their wedding day. It was set up in the garden of their home in Note Hall in Norfolk and the couple's names are engraved on the base.
Prince George was photographed there on his third birthday in 2016, which led to an increase in sales for the company near Canterbury. The Prince of Wales was believed to be so fond of the hand-carved swings that he bought additional swings for every child who had the Cambridges. Each is also engraved with each child's name.

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