Prince William Reportedly Once Broke Up With Kate Middleton Over the Phone While She Was at Work

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From Cosmopolitan
Prince William reportedly dismissed Kate Middleton by phone in 2007.
Robert Lacey wrote about Kate having to apologize from a work meeting in order to take the call.
Battle of Brothers will ship on October 20th.
A year before Joe Jonas broke the Internet by calling Taylor Swift on the phone, Prince William did the same with Kate Middleton. Only, William was a full adult and the call lasted an hour, not 25 seconds.
According to Robert Lacey's explosive new book, Battle of the Brothers, William and Kate reached a difficult point in 2007 that lasted about a year. According to reports, that time culminated in William having the courage to call Kate while she was at work to part ways. The mirror has broken down the extract:
"It is said that Kate apologized from meeting to take a call from William - then a 'hard-drinking' Army officer who is often seen in nightclubs - and locked herself in a room for over an hour during the They both broke up during the call, but the split didn't last long - they got back together 10 weeks later, claims royal biographer Robert Lacey in the new book Battle of Brothers. During those three months, William found the dating difficult and rejected by a "surprising" number of young women, and it is alleged that he missed Kate and her family. "
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Lacey added that although William tried to make the most of his time as a single man, the women he was looking for could "find out the truth about where his heart is, even if he couldn't".
Their separation obviously didn't last. Ten weeks later, they were seen kissing at a party. As we know from staying up to watch the royal wedding, Kate and William married and became the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Aside from the rumors of "rural rivals" and all the drama within the royal family, they somehow live happily ever after, and William counts Kate as the best thing that has ever happened to him.
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