Prince William reveals one of Prince George's favourite TV shows in call with five-year-old cystic fibrosis sufferer

William called Kaydyn and his mother, who were shielding themselves. (BBC The One Show / PA Wire)
Prince William announced that one of Prince George Paw Patrol's most popular TV shows was when he surprisingly called a five-year-old cystic fibrosis patient who had screened for weeks.
37-year-old William called Kaydyn and his mother Leanne, who had been kept indoors since the ban began when the government asked those with serious conditions to avoid public places.
In the call that aired on The One Show on Tuesday evening, Kaydyn excitedly showed the Duke his favorite toys. William said, "I think I know Chase, yes, I've seen him a few times, George has seen Paw Patrol a lot."
The father of three spoke to Leanne about how she and her son were doing during the ban.
Leanne said, "We're having a bit of trouble - you know, with a five-year-old trying to keep her busy."
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William revealed that George is a fan of Paw Patrol. (Getty Images)
She said Kaydyn asked her to let him go for a walk and even pulled the door to try to open it.
The Duke asked if it would be more difficult for them to do so, as the blockade waned, knowing that more people would go out. Leanne said Kaydyn's news hearing that everyone else could go out, but he still wasn't, proved difficult.
She said, "People's mental health will suffer - Kaydyn's emotional health is starting to suffer, he's a little frayed.
"I said to him that hopefully it wouldn't be too long before we could go for a walk, and he said," I don't think I want to be a mother, I'm too scared. "
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The video continues in the 1930s
William concluded by saying that he and his wife Catherine would think of them and tell them to stay safe.
Around 2.2 million people who shielded themselves were informed that they could leave their homes in early June.
Since the call to the Duke, Leanne and Kaydyn from Corby, Northamptonshire have so far taken two country walks.
In the film, Kaydyn said he missed his friends, school, and "everything in this country" when he stayed home to protect himself from corona viruses.
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Kaydyn said he was happy to be outside but was scared if "the virus never returns".
An update for those in the shielded group is planned by the end of this week.

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