Princess Beatrice May or May Not Have Accidentally Injured Ed Sheeran with a Sword

If you are confused by the title of this article, you are not alone. When we first found out about this bizarre situation, we had a lot of questions. So allow us to clear a few things for you.
There is a long-standing rumor of an alleged accident involving Princess Beatrice, Ed Sheeran and a decorative sword in 2016. At the time, The Sun reported that the Princess of York accidentally cut the singer with a sword while pretending to be Knight James Blunt at a party at the Royal Lodge in Windsor. Unfortunately, while she raised the sword, she didn't notice that Sheeran was standing close behind her. The result? A cut that is a few inches below the right eye of the singer "Shape of You".
After four years of silence, Sheeran's manager Stuart Camp finally shed light on the situation during a recent appearance on the Straight Up podcast. And, from the sound of things, the story does indeed seem to be true (although Sheeran's team has so far "never commented publicly" on it).
Podcast hosts Eleanor Hall and Kathleen Johnston asked the music manager, "Were you there when Princess Beatrice cut a piece off his cheek?" to which he replied that although he was not there, he had received a call. "[I] forgot," he said, and later added, "No, and we haven't seen or heard of her skin or hair since."
"Certain people said, 'Oh, you should lie and say it wasn't them and that it was someone else,'" Camp explained. "I said, 'Well, we're not telling anyone anything." The core of the whole conversation? It was an accident that happened after a few drinks with friends in a royal palace.
We cannot relate.
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