Princess Diana's Brazen Sweaters (Including Her 'Black Sheep' Pullover) Are Making a Royal Comeback

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Princess Diana's status as a fashion icon is clearer than ever - and now her famous styles can be stored in any closet.
Rowing Blazers, the vintage-inspired New York brand that Timothée Chalamet and Russell Westbrook have as fans, are launching their first women's collection - and they've taken the Princess of Wales as inspiration.
In addition to the hats, blazers and bike shorts from the 1980s influenced by Diana, Diana's legendary sweaters - often with a not-so-hidden message - are making a comeback. The collection even enlivens the "black sheep sweater" in collaboration with original designers Sally Muir and Joanna Osborne.
Tim Graham Photo Library / Getty; Princess Diana rowing blazer
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"Diana was the first member of the royal family we can remember who was interested in fashion at all," the designers tell PEOPLE. "She had a much more adventurous and youthful style than we have come to expect from our kings, and she had an obvious delight in clothes and wore them with great style."
They add, "It is a pleasure for us to see a new generation enjoying something we did many years ago and adapting it to a new era of fashion."
Rowing blazer Princess Diana's newly launched black sheep sweater
Since Diana has never visited her London store Warm and Wonderful, Muir and Osborne believe the sweater the King wore to polo games in the 1980s was a gift.
"We always knit things we'd like to wear ourselves," said Osborne PEOPLE of the best-selling product in 1983.
Although copied, Osborne and Muir (now both visual artists) have not produced the original sweater pattern since 1994. With the collaborative label Warm and Wonderful for Rowing Blazers, the famous sweater, closely associated with Princess Diana, is finally back.
Princess Diana Archive / Getty Princess Diana
Jayne Fincher / Princess Diana Archive / Getty Prince Charles, Sarah Ferguson and Princess Diana
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Princess Diana also made a statement wearing a soft pink and white sweater with the cryptic phrase "I am a luxury" blocked on the front. Now British designer George Hostler and compatriot Gyles Brandreth - writer, broadcaster and occasional member of the British Parliament - have brought back the design for Rowing Blazers' first women's collection.
Rowing blazer Princess Diana's newly launched "I'm a Luxury" sweater
"Diana loved Gyles and George Jumper. I know because she told me," Brandreth told PEOPLE. "She wore them because they stood out from the crowd, and she liked that. They went with her classy, ​​confident, colorful style. She also liked them because they were funny - and she liked to laugh."
In making the decision to launch the Gyles and George label in 2020, Brandreth said the "I'm a Luxury" knit was a key element.
"It was always one of our favorites and Diana on her laid-back smart-casual best," he says.
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The collection is entirely made in the UK, Europe and the United States. The sweaters will retail for $ 295, with other pieces in the collection ranging from $ 48 to $ 795.

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