Princess Eugenie thanks the NHS for saving her father-in-law's life after battle with coronavirus

The Queen's granddaughter revealed that her father-in-law had spent five weeks on a ventilator (Getty Images)
Earlier this week it became known that Princess Eugenie and her husband Jack Brooksbank had been instructed to prepare for the worst in his father's fight against the corona virus.
Now the Queen's granddaughter thanked the NHS for saving her father-in-law George's life after working on a ventilator at Royal Brompton Hospital for five weeks.
In a post on Instagram, the 30-year-old king revealed that the 71-year-old had been released this week. Photos showed him when he arrived home, supported by healthcare workers.
In a short video clip, she said, "I just wanted to thank everyone at Brompton Hospital for what you did to tell my father-in-law's life.
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“George is so happy the other day and came to our house as the 'wonder man', as he called himself.
"From the bottom of my husband and my heart, we only want to thank you for everything you have done on the front line.
"To risk your life and that near you and just to make sure we are all safe and can sleep well at night."
Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson's daughter added: "Thank you and thank you for giving us all hope. Thank you for changing the course of this pandemic and ensuring that we are all happy with what we are doing. "
George Brooksbank with his wife Nicola at their son Jack's wedding to Eugenie in 2018 (Getty Images)
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"I wish everyone all the best and thank you again for everything you do."
With the title of the clip, she wrote: "The Covid 19 pandemic was a difficult time for so many, and I would like to express a HUGE thank you to everyone at the front who kept us safe and sound and sacrificed so much .
"In particular, I would like to thank all the teams who saved my father-in-law a big thank you to George, who saved George during his stays at St. Mary's, Chelsea and Royal Brompton Hospital after he became infected with the virus.
"To quote George: 'There was always someone on hand. I would like to express my deep thanks to everyone involved. It was a real eye-opener for someone who had not been to the hospital for a long time. I definitely owe them my life. '"
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Eugenie added: "I can't begin to thank you all for bringing him back to our family, my husband Jack, his brother Tom and his beloved wife Nicola. We are forever grateful. @Imperialnhs @rbhcharity @chelwestft . "
Swiss Post has received more than 58,000 "likes", many of which have left friendly words of support.
George, pictured at his son's wedding to the king in 2018, fell ill after a trip to France in mid-March.
According to a spokeswoman for the Duchess of York, he spent five weeks on a ventilator before being taken to a ward specializing in heart and lung diseases in people recovering from coronavirus.
After a total of nine weeks in hospital, he spent some time rehabilitating in a Roehampton facility.
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