Princeton University Professor Joshua Katz Fired

Princeton University's board of trustees fired classical studies professor Joshua Katz, the university said in a statement Monday, claiming that the longtime faculty member "wasn't straight forward" during a 2018 investigation into a relationship between Katz and an undergraduate student .
Katz told National Review he only learned he had been fired after the New York Times called his wife and said the university had sent his resignation to the wrong email address.
Katz was briefly suspended from the university in 2018 because of the consensual relationship, which happened some 15 years ago.
However, the board voted to fire Katz following a "detailed written complaint" in 2021 "from an alumna who had a friendly relationship with the Dr York Times." A new investigation in the university's 2018 inquiry "found multiple instances in which Dr. Katz misrepresented facts or was not direct".
Allies of Katz, who is serving one term, have claimed the firing was motivated by the professor's criticism of Princeton's "anti-racism" initiatives. In a 2020 essay for Quillette, Katz criticized a faculty letter that said "anti-blackness is fundamental to America" ​​and called a student group called the Black Justice League "a small local terrorist organization that has taken many lives." difficult (including the many black students) who did not agree to the demands of their members.”
Katz offered to resign from the university weeks ago, but the Princeton government did not want to forego an opportunity to publicly state that the university president recommended firing, Katz's attorney confirmed to National Review on Monday.
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