Private GOP survey shows Trump losing ground in solidly red states like Kansas: NYT

Donald Trump; Republican states
Donald Trump and Republican States photo illustration by Salon / Getty Images
President Donald Trump's election numbers look very bleak ahead of the upcoming presidential election, and even internal Republican data shows he is in big trouble.
The New York Times reports that "private GOP polls" show that Trump is "holding off not just on must-win battlefields," but "fending off independents to the point where Mr Biden is in solid red states, including Montana. Kansas and Missouri has come closer. "
Trump's standing among voters has made Republicans particularly concerned about the so-called "sunbelt" states where they have been politically dominant for decades, including Georgia, Texas and Arizona.
All of these states, according to the Times, have been hit particularly hard by the novel coronavirus pandemic.
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"Many of the Sun Belt states that appeared to be within Biden's reach have defied the strictest public health guidelines to fight the coronavirus," the newspaper writes. "As a result, states like Arizona, Georgia, and Texas saw a large wave of infections for much of the summer that postponed efforts to revive business."
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The Times also writes that a loss in that region could eventually force the GOP to rethink its approach to electoral policy.
"If Mr Trump lost in the south and west, it would force a much deeper right-wing introspection about Trump and Trumpism - and their electoral future in the fastest growing and most diverse part of the country," the newspaper writes.

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