Proof Queen Elizabeth II Is the Best Great Gan-Gan in all the Land

Queen Elizabeth II is a sister, mother, grandmother and above all a great-grandmother (or "Gan-Gan") of eight young kings. Behind the closed doors of Buckingham Palace, HRH changes diapers, prepares bottles and takes time for the lucky few who have the privilege to call them Gan-Gan. Here's proof that Queen Elizabeth II is the best great grandmother in the country.
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1. When she #Blessed George before his baptism
Being royal is not easy.
2. And regularly bottle-fed Princess Char
The photo is an impersonator, but you get the idea.
3. When she looked closely at Princess Charlotte
Welcome to the world of royal exclusivity, little one.
4. Then let Prince George have his moment
5. And told Prince George to behave well
Sit straight, shoulders back, face forward and always look cute.
6. When she reminded Prince George who was responsible (William and Kate's nervous grin)
No one in the history of the great British monarchy has defeated Great Gan-Gan in a star competition. Nobody.
7. And when she posed with her offspring on her 90th birthday
From the oldest to the youngest we have the grandchildren of Queen Louise (13) and James (9) as well as their great-grandchildren Savannah (6), Isla (5), George (3), Mia (3) and Charlotte (2). .
8. When she admired her naughty behavior from afar
Queen Elizabeth had to laugh at the chaos that occurred during the 2018 Trooping the Color ceremony.
9. And then pretended to ignore it
Hey, at least Princess Charlotte didn't stick her tongue out.
10. And finally when she commented on Archie's red hair
During a zoom call, the queen reportedly noticed that Archie had red hair, just like Prince Harry.
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