Prosecutors Want Maximum Sentence For Josh Duggar, Arguing He Has 'Pervasive And Violent Sexual Interest In Children’

Federal prosecutors have called for a maximum sentence of 20 years behind bars for Josh Duggar following his child pornography conviction, arguing that the former reality star has a "deep-seated, pervasive and violent sexual interest in children."
Prosecutors on Wednesday filed a 30-page judgment document in the Western District of Arkansas Federal Court detailing why they believe the 34-year-old should receive the harshest sentence for publishing "tainted" sex abuse material of Children (CSAM) downloaded.
"Disturbingly, the child pornography market has continued to grow and has become increasingly degenerate in recent years," prosecutors wrote, according to the memorandum obtained by Law & Crime. “That depravity is evident here. As noted above, Duggar searched for images and videos showing pre-adolescent minors undergoing sadistic and masochistic abuse.”
Josh Duggar Pd
Josh Duggar Photo: Washington County Sheriff's Office
Duggar was found guilty of receipt of child pornography and possession of child pornography in December. However, one of the charges is dropped during sentencing, giving him a maximum possible sentence of 20 years in prison.
His conviction dates back to a four-day period in May 2019, when prosecutors said Duggar used a "hidden partition on his work computer" at a used car dealership in Arkansas to install a "BitTorrent peer-to-peer file-sharing client" to download hundreds of photos and videos depicting the sexual abuse of children "as young as toddlers," said the document, which was also obtained by Arkansas station KNWA.
They believe Duggar meets the criteria for a penalty improvement, described as a "five step improvement" for secretly downloading 600 or more graphic abuse images onto the work computer.
"Initially, Duggar used multiple tools -- uTorrent and Tor -- to locate and download CSAM of a sadistic nature, including CSAM depicting pre-adolescent minors subjected to violent abuse," prosecutors wrote. "He also went to great lengths to hide his behavior from others, presumably so that he could engage in it undetected and undeterred."
Duggar's defense team has challenged the KNWA/KFTA sentencing upgrades obtained at its own request, arguing that Duggar - who still maintains his innocence - is a "fully devoted" family man.
They called for a sentence that was "sufficient but not more than necessary" and advocated a sentence of five years in prison.
"Duggar continues to have so much good to offer the world," the defense wrote. "We ask that this court give him that opportunity."
They argue that "there was absolutely no evidence that Duggar 'knowingly' distributed any materials," and said the evidence indicated there had been 127 images that were not alleged by the 600 prosecutors.
However, prosecutors clapped back, writing in their motion that Duggar "knowingly" distributed the CSAM materials to Detective Amber Kalmer, the Little Rock officer who first exposed the activity, and called the defense's argument against the increased sentences baseless .
"Duggar's objection to this enhancement should be dismissed because the evidence presented at trial, which included visual representations by Duggar's computer of preadolescent girls being vaginally penetrated and bound with rope, easily meets the requirements for applying this enhancement," they wrote .
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