Protesters yell 'F--k Joe Biden' as president meets with preschoolers at daycare center

President Biden made small news when he visited Connecticut on Friday. "No," he said when reporters asked if he supported the term limits for Supreme Court judges - reform is being considered by a commission appointed by Biden. But the visit made it clear how children are drawn into the culture wars between adults.
Biden's first stop in Connecticut was the Capitol Child Development Center in Hartford, where he sponsored the childcare offerings of his Build Back Better proposal. He also visited the playground outside.
While Biden mingled with the preschoolers, about 50 "Trump supporters" chanted nearby, "F --- Joe Biden. He's not our president," wrote The Christian Science Monitor's Noah Robertson in a White House pool report. Pool reporters at the playground “could still hear protesters singing from the curb outside. More expletives. More shouting, "he added in a follow-up report, noting that there were also" Ban Title 42 "chants," which suggest that this was not an exclusively Trump supportive crowd. "
NPR News' Audiopool reporter Scott Detrow also commented on the audible "F --- Joe Biden" chants, reports Fox News, as did Zolan Kanno-Youngs of the New York Times.
Children have also been drawn into adult fights via school diversity programs and masking duties. CNN highlighted an ugly incident in Beverly Hills earlier this month in which anti-mask protesters accused parents of "rape" and "child abuse" while taking their children to elementary school
"Politics is increasingly defined by comparatively small groups of comparatively loud individuals who dominate the discourse when it is unclear whether they are speaking for anyone but themselves," writes Christopher Hooks at Texas Monthly and reports on the ugly confrontations at school council meetings in summer and fall , often with "a few dozen angry protesters at most. Some are not even parents of children in public schools."
Hooks tells the story of a sophomore at Westlake High School in Austin who was shouted down and moved to tears by angry adults. by taunting adults for advocating the wearing of masks.
"The bitterest and most disturbing political conflicts invariably involve local politics," but local struggles are now more nationalized and uglier, writes Hooks. "The kids are probably fine. Usually they are. But these parents ..."
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