Psaki: We don't take immigration advice from Trump

White House press secretary Jen Psaki responded to former President Donald Trump's criticism of the administration's immigration policy, insisting that the White House does not receive advice from Trump, whose policies she described as "inhuman". (5. March)
Video transcript
- I know you don't want to answer him, but the former president just released a statement that the Biden government must act immediately to end the border nightmare it has created for our nation.
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JEN PSAKI: Former President Trump?
- Yes.
JEN PSAKI: We are not taking our advice or advice from former President Trump on immigration policy, which for the past four years has not only been inhuman but also ineffective. We will go our own way forward and that includes treating children with humanity and respect, and making sure they are safe when they step over our limits.
- I think then is there a plan to take a home for an unlimited number of unaccompanied children and find them safe and humane?
JEN PSAKI: I think this issue requires that we take a step back as human beings and as mothers of which I am one. I know that there are many in the room or many at home. These children are coming. They are fleeing law enforcement. They are fleeing difficult circumstances in their home country.
If they do come here, all we are talking about here is making sure they are treated safely. They are not traded. You will not be sent back on an unsafe journey. We talk about that. If they come, if these kids come in, it doesn't mean they have insurance that they can stay. They go through the processing system that everyone goes through, but we want to make sure that happens by treating them humanely and with respect. Many of them are sent home at some point, but we talk about how we treat them when they come into the country.
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