Public health alert: A food imported from China carries a fake USDA inspection stamp

You might be skeptical of New Orleans fried chicken wings, which are imported from China anyway. However, a USDA public health alert states that in addition to the geographic-gastronomic incongruence, there is another reason to look at those 600-gram pouches askew:
The USDA mark is a fake. Not correct. Replacement.
"The frozen chicken wing products are branded with a fake USDA mark bearing" P-40478, "an establishment number that does not exist," the warning said.
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“The problem was discovered when [Food Safety Inspection Service] received a consumer complaint that it was reported that a product suspected of being illegally imported was being sold in one place. After an investigation, FSIS found the product was ineligible and had a false USDA mark. "
The Californian company Di-Da Di-Da imported the pianos from China.
The bags have "Chicken Arrived, Organic Chicken, New Orleans Fried Chicken Wings" and the best date 9/19/2021 in Mandarin Chinese. They moved from one retail location to 20 in California, Oregon, and Washington.
Consumers should double-wrap the wings to keep animals away from them, says the USDA, and then throw them away.
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